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Header iconmini SOSFOMT Workshop.png Workshop

Inside the Workshop
Japanese Name: 木こりの家
Open: Sun - Fri
Hours: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed: Sat, Holidays
Location: Outside Mineral Town
Residents: Gotts, Brandon
Run By: Gotts (Carpenter)
Brandon (Artist)

Serving as both a home for Gotts and Brandon, the Workshop is where you'll be able to schedule home and farm expansions, as well as look for home decorations such as refrigerator and shelf upgrades. He also performs cosmetic updates to your farm. In addition to carpentry, Gotts sells fruit trees and materials.



Name Japanese Name Price Description
Sosfomt items Lumber.png Lumber 木材 50G Used for building additions, as fuel for the Fireplace, and to make fences. Very versatile.
Sosfomt items Material Stone.png Material Stone 石材 50G Required in abundance when building additions for the house.
Sosfomt items Golden Lumber.png Golden Lumber 黄金の資材 100,000G Shiny golden material. If put in the ground, it will become a fence post that doesn't rot.


You can have up to five trees on Your Farm. You begin with one Grape Tree.

Name Japanese Name Price Description
Sosfomt items Apple Tree.png Apple Tree りんごの木 1000G Produces Apples in summer and autumn. Occasionally produces Honey.
Sosfomt items Grape Tree.png Grape Tree 山ぶどうの木 1000G Produces Grapes in spring and summer. Occasionally produces Honey.
Sosfomt items Orange Tree.png Orange Tree みかんの 1000G Produces Oranges in autumn and winter. Occasionally produces Honey.


Name Japanese Name Price Description
Sosfomt items Clock.png Clock 時計 2000G Allows you to check the time.
Sosfomt items Fridge.png Fridge 冷蔵庫 2500G Can store crops and food.
Sosfomt items Big Fridge.png Big Fridge 大きな冷蔵庫 5000G Can store more than the basic Fridge.
50px Deluxe Fridge 豪華な冷蔵庫 10000G Can store even more than the Big Fridge.
Sosfomt items Big Cabinet.png Big Cabinet 大きな整理棚 5000G Can store more than the basic Cabinet.
Sosfomt items Deluxe Cabinet.png Deluxe Cabinet 豪華な整理棚 10000G Can store even more than the Big Cabinet.
Sosfomt items Rug.png Rug じゅうたん 5000G Lay it on the floor to add a bit of style to your home.
Sosfomt items Big Bed.png Big Bed 大きいベッド 10000G Necessary to have a bigger family.
Sosfomt items LCD TV.png LCD TV 液晶テレビ 5000G A TV with a large screen. Now you can say goodbye to that ancient CRT screen.


Image Item Japanese Name Price Description Lumber Material Stone Time to Complete
Slightly Bigger House ちょっと広い家 3000G A house with a bit more room than the current one. Comes with a Kitchen. 150 50 3 Days
Big House とても広い家 10000G A house much bigger than the current one. Can fit a Big Bed in it. 600 250 3 Days
Bathroom お風呂 30000G Going inside will help recover Stamina and relieve Fatigue. Takes 30 minutes. 300 300 2 Days
Coop ニワトリ・ウサギ小屋 5000G Expand to fit 8 animals. 350 200 3 Days
Barn 動物小屋 6800G Expand to fit 16 animals. 400 250 3 Days
Water Mill 水車小屋 5000G For storing Chicken/Rabbit Feed. Can hold up to 9,999 units. 300 150 3 Days
Silo サイロ 6800G 300 200 3 Days
Field Level 2 畑 Lv2 20000G Increases the chances of harvesting higher quality crops. - - 3 Days
Field Level 3 畑 Lv3 50000G Increases the chances of harvesting higher quality crops more than a Level 2 field. - - 3 Days
Field Level 4 畑 Lv4 100000G - - 3 Days
Field Level 5 畑 Lv5 300000G - - 3 Days
Town Villa 別荘 10000000G Can be built in the south part of town. It's nice to treat yourself sometimes. 999 999 3 Days

Cosmetic Changes[edit]

Image Item Japanese Name Price Description Lumber Material Stone Time to Complete
Square Windows 雨戸がある四角い窓 25000G Changes Window shape to square. Comes with attractive shutters. 200 150 2 Days
Square Windows 雨戸がない四角い窓 25000G Changes Window shape to square without shutters. 200 150 2 Days
Round Windows 丸い窓 25000G Changes Window shape to round. 200 150 2 Days
Red Mailbox 赤いポスト 10000G Turns your Mailbox red. 150 50 2 Days
Blue Mailbox 青いポスト 10000G Turns your Mailbox blue. 150 50 2 Days
Weird Mailbox 奇妙な形のポスト 10000G Turns your Mailbox into a unique shape. 150 50 2 Days
Normal Wallpaper ノーマルな壁紙 1000G Wallpaper that's as basic as it gets. - - 1 Day
Zigzag Wallpaper ギザギザな壁紙 1000G Wallpaper with a playful design. - - 1 Day
Blue Wallpaper 青色の壁紙 1000G Wallpaper with a touch of class. - - 1 Day
Normal Floor ノーマルな床 2000G Flooring without much going on. - - 1 Day
Refined Floor シブい色の床 2000G Flooring with a bit of style. - - 1 Day
Tiled Floor タイル張りの床 2000G Flooring with a chessboard-like pattern. - - 1 Day




All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[1]

  1. 牧場物語再会のミネラルタウン公式コンプリートガイド, Bokujou Monogatari Sakai No Mineraru Taun Koushiki Konpurito Gaido [Bokujou Monogatari Reunion of Mineral Town Official Complete Guide]. 1st Ed. (2019). Kadokawa.

Special Thanks:

  • Quintessence(Hex)
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