Witchie (Story of Seasons)

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Witchie's Photo
Japanese Name: 魔女ちゃま (Majo-chama)
Birthday: Winter 8
Residence: Witchie's House
Favorite Gift: Lotus Root Soup


A witch who happened to pass by Oak Tree Town, took an interest in its inhabitants, and built herself a little house on the outskirts. Although powerful, she is still childish in some ways, particularly when it comes to her temper. Still, deep down, she is capable of honest kindness.[1]

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Everyday Happy Sad Angry

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]




Note: Witchie has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.


Category Gift
Cooking Lotus Root Soup


Category Gift
Seeds Poison Mush. Seeds
Cooking Burdock Root Soup | Soy Milk | Tofu Hamburger | Fried Lotus Root | Keiji Salmon Stew | Peach Pie | Peach Sherbet
Products Peach Jam
Others Chicken Feed | Pet Food | Rabbit Feed | Fish Feed


Category Gift
Vesture Peach
Cooking Soy Milk Cake | Soy Milk Cookie
Products Peach Juice | Peach Wine | Dried Peach | Dried Poison Mush.


Category Gift
Cooking Curry Salad | Dry Curry
Others Energy Booster | Caffeine Tonic | Energy Booster G | Mighty Tonic | Miracle Drink | Spring Sun | Summer Sun | Autumn Sun | Winter Sun | Copper | Silver | Gold | Scrap Ore | Brick | Glass Stone | Iron | Crystal | Ruby | Jade | Topaz | Moonstone | Diamond | Amethyst | Emerald | Agate | Peridot | Sandrose | Fluorite | Adamantite | Orichalcum | Mithril | Platinum | Pink Diamond | White Pearl | Yellow Pearl | Green Pearl | Red Pearl | Blue Pearl | Golden Pearl | Philosopher's Stone | Ancient Fish Fossil | Moondrop Flower | Blue Magic Flower | Red Magic Flower | Empty Can | Fish Bone


Category Gift
Vesture Fodder | Poison Mushroom
Cooking Curry Rice
Products Elli Leaves | Black Lumber | Black Stone | Glittering Stone


Category Gift
Cooking Spicy Curry