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This page is about Wayne from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. For other uses, see Wayne (disambiguation).
Wayne's Photo

Japanese Name: ウェイン (Wein)
Birthday: Spring 23
Town: Westown
Residence: Postino (North Westown)
Family: None Specified
Favorite Gifts: Café Mocha
Favorite Animals: Silkie Chicken, Beagle, Eagle, Bengal, Maine Coon

A lighthearted young man who works at the Westown post office, Wayne likes teasing others, but he's also a reliable friend. He delivers mail all over the three towns. Wayne believes wholeheartedly in flirting with everyone, but his attitude starts to change after meeting your character.[1]

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Everyday Happy Blushing Angry Sad Concerned

Spoiler Below - Wedding Portrait


Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]



  • These schedules are from the official guide.
6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 24:00
Monday through Friday ★ Postal Delivery Route Postino North Westown Postino Garden Grill North Westown Postino Postino
Saturday and Sunday
(Spring & Fall)
Postino North Tsuyukusa Garden Grill White Capsule Postino Postino North Westown Postino
Saturday and Sunday
(Summer & Winter)
Postino North Lulukoko Garden Grill Frank's House Postino Postino North Westown Postino
Key: Meal Work Free Time Other Home, Unavailable

★ Postal Delivery Route: Frank's House, Megan's House, Lala Salama, Ra Man's Wholesale Store, Postino


Preferred Wrapping Paper: Classy Wrapping Cloth・Cool Wrapping Box・Cool Wrapping Paper・Flower Fair Wrapping.

Preference Gift
Favorite Gift Café Mocha
Loved Gifts Baked Cheese・Almond Cookies・Chocolate Cookies・Cappuccino・Coffee・Iced Cocoa・Herb Cheese・Prairie Symphony・Pure Love Serenade・Springtime March
Liked Gifts Bellflower・Blue Rose・Cacao・Carnation・Chrysanthemum・Dahlia・Gentian・Hibiscus・Hilton Daisy・Hydrangea・Lily・Lychee・Marguerite・Morning Glory・Pink Carnation・Pink Rose・Plumeria・Red Rose・Snowdrop・Sunflower・White・Rose Bagna Càuda・ Caprese Salad・ Goi Cuon・ Herb Salad・ Italian Salad・ Plum Shiso Salad・ Plum-Cucumber Salad・ Wasabi Octopus・ Cheese Soup・ Clam Chowder・ Herb Soup・ Pho・ Gratin・ Grilled Tomatoes・ Gyoza・ Mushroom Pie・ Pissaladière・ Pizza・Raclette・ Terrine・ Ahi Poke・ Bouillabaisse・ Caponata・ Cheese Fondue・ Korokke・ Piperade・ Rösti・ Spring Roll・ Tod Man Pla・ Vegetable Etuver・ Arancini・ Doria・ Fried Onigiri・ Paella・ Seafood Bibimbap・ Shiso Onigiri・ Uzume Rice・ Basil Cheese Bread・ Beefaroni・ Cinnamon Roll・ Eggs Benedict・ Focaccia・ French Toast・Gingerbread・ Hot Sandwich・ Lasagna・ Walnut Bread Snacks: Almond Caramel・ Barfi・ Cannoli・ Chocolate Cake・ Chocolate Fondue・ Chocolate Mousse・ Chocolate Pudding・Corn Muffins・ Yomogi Dumplings・Apple Ginger Shake・ Chai・ Cocoa Orange Shake・ Fall Milk Tea・ Ginger Ale・ Ginger Drink・ Lemon Tea・ Lychee Juice・ Matcha Milk・ Milk Tea・Shiso Juice・ Spring Milk Tea・ Summer Milk Tea・Buffalo Cheese・ Buffalo Cheese Plus・ Cheese・ Cheese Plus・ Gold Cheese・ Jersey Cheese・ Jersey Cheese Plus・Cocoa Pack・ Lychee Jam・Blue Cotton Cloth・Lychee Wine・Coffee Pack・ Aloe・ Basil・ Bay Leaf・ Bergamot・ Chamomile・ Cinnamon・ Elli Leaves・ Ginger・ Lavender・ Mint・ Mugwort・ Rosemary・ Sage・ Thyme・ Truffle・ Caffeine Tonic・ Energy Booster G・ Mighty Tonic・Blazing Waltz・ Earth Concerto・ Lakeside Sonata・ Moonlight Nocturne・ Paradise Rhapsody・ Winter Bloom Rondo・Ancient Figurine・ Ancient Fish Fossil・ Beach Vitex・ Blue Magic Flower・ Calla Lily・ Coin・ Moondrop Flower・ Ocean Primrose・ Old Coin・ Pink Lupine・ Prickly Pear Cactus・ Purple Lupine・ Red Magic Flower・ Red Spider Lily・ Shiny Coin・ Philosopher's Stone・Kimchi・ Pickled Plum・ Pickles
Neutral Gifts All gifts not listed here are neutral.
Disliked Gifts Best Fodder・ Fodder・ Spicy Fodder・ Sweetish Fodder・Coleslaw・ Fruit Salad・ Sashimi・ Sanpei Jiru・ Grilled Horned Turbans・ Johnnycake・ Blowfish Stew・ Doji Hot Pot・ Fried Catfish・ Fried Monkfish・ Grouper Stew・ Monkfish Stew・ Osechi・ Turtle Stew・ Curd Rice・ Inarizushi・ Octopus Rice・ Oshinko Roll・ Persimmon Leaf Sushi・ Sea Urchin Bowl・ Seafood Rice Bowl・ Tekka Maki・ Chilled Udon・ Fufu・ Sea Urchin Pasta・ Yogurt Bread・ Snacks: Aloe Yogurt・ Bavarois・ Fruit Gratin・ Maple Candy・ Mitarashi Dumplings・ Yogurt Ice Cream・ Yogurt Pie・Amazake・ Carrot Juice・ Cheese Drink・ Egg Nog・ Grass Drink・ Green Plum Tea・ Green Tea・ Lassi・ Tapioca Milk Tea・ Tiramisu Shake・ Tomato Juice・ Yogurt Drink・Buffalo Yogurt・ Buffalo Yogurt Plus・ Fruit Yogurt・ Gold Yogurt・ Jersey Yogurt・ Jersey Yogurt Plus・ Yogurt・ Yogurt Plus・ Black Bass・ Blowfish・ Bluegill・ Catfish・ Conger Eel・ Crayfish・ Eel・ Giant Squid・ Loach・ Mackerel・ Mahi-mahi・ Marsh Shrimp・ Monkfish・ Moray Eel・ Octopus・ Pike・ Ray・ Sardine・ Skipjack・ Soft Shell Turtle・Adamantite・ Agate・ Black Branch・ Black Lumber・ Black Rock・ Black Stone・ Blue Pearl・ Branch・ Cherry Branch・ Crystal・ Diamond・ Emerald・ Fluorite・ Glittering Stone・ Golden Pearl・ Green Pearl・ Jade・ Lumber・ Maidenhair Branch・ Maple Branch・ Mithril・ Moonstone・ Orichalcum・ Pearl・ Pebble・ Peridot・ Pine Branch・ Pink Diamond・ Platinum・ Red Pearl・ Rock・ Ruby・ Sand Rose・ Small Lumber・ Small Stone・ Stone・ Topaz・ Twig・ Yellow Pearl・ Bait・ King Bait・ Magic Bait・ Medicine・ Refined Bait・ Best Chicken Feed・ Best Rabbit Feed・ Chewy Treat・ Chicken Feed・ Crispy Treat・ Fish Food・ Fluffy Treat・ Pet Food・ Rabbit Feed・ Soft Treat・ Spicy Chicken Feed・ Spicy Rabbit Feed・ Sweetish Chicken Feed・ Sweetish Rabbit Feed・ Velvety Treat・ Dry Soil・ Pendant・Soft Soil・ Solid Soil・ Weeds・ Juicy Fertilizer・ Mega-Juicy Fertilizer・ Mega-Propag. Fertiliz.・ Mega-Sparkly Fertiliz.・ Mega-Sugary Fertiliz.・ Mega-Uniform Fert.・ Propagating Fertilizer・ Sparkly Fertilizer・ Sugary Fertilizer・ Super Fertilizer・ Uniform Fertilizer・ Bamboo
Hated Gifts Coconut・ Coconut Salad・ Kokonda・ Octopus Kelaguen・ Coconut Soup・ Ika Vakamiti・ Lo'i Feke・ Banh Xeo・ Coconut Curry・ Nasi Lemak・ Kluai Buat Chi・ Malasada・ Nata De Coco・Coconut Pineapple Shake・ Tapioca Juice・ Tropical Juice・ Boot・ Empty Can・ Fish Bone・ Poison Mushroom・Quiet Grove Scent
Horror Gift Coconut Milk



Wayne CG



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