Walkthrough (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody)

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Picking a House Location[edit]

Lots of people are rather excited about this but do any of them really understand how it works? Here's a simple page to fully explain what it is.

At the start of the game the mayor has an exciting opportunity for anyone to gain some free land in his campaign to make his town more popular. You eagerly go along and he invites you to move in 3 different locations.

(The possible locations are pinpointed by blue land and brown log cabins.)

Each location is best suited depending what sort of player you are, if you care most about...

In Town[edit]

  • A small quaint location near most of the shops.
  • Good For: Building Relationships Fast
  • Difficulty Mode: Hard, since it has barely any land, and its really hard to expand and there is no space for even the last upgrades of your house. It will also take time before you buy any land near enough, as they all cost over 15,000g.

The Beach[edit]

  • Lots of land to expand and grow.
  • Good For: Raising Animals
  • Difficulty Mode: Easy, there's lots of space for animals, barns, crops, you can do whatever you like on this land.

Near the River[edit]

  • Good fishing spot and fertile land.
  • Good For: Raising Crops
  • Difficulty Mode: Medium, as it has a fair amount of space for animals and crops and is not too far off from the town.

Don't get too worried about where you are going to choose or where you chose to start out, because later in the game as you progress you will be able to buy land anywhere and move your house to whatever spot you want on the main map.

Building a Town[edit]

As you progress in Magical Melody, you'll find that people are often moving in. In some cases, you may need to fulfill certain tasks for this to happen first.

A blue house is a villager's house/shop. A flag (F) is a festival location: beach, and townsquare. A log house (H) is a character log house, displaying the beginning option (beach, river, town.)


  • Blacksmith Shop - Ship gems.
  • Craftsmen - Already moved in.
  • Flower shop - Already moved in.
  • Pottery Shop - Ship clay.
  • Blue (Azure) Sky Farm - Already moved in.
  • Tomariki Inn - Visit horse race for first time.
  • Paradise Winery - Plant a grape tree (or fruit tree).
  • Reon's Farm - Already moved in.
  • Moonlight Bar - Visit horse race for first time.
  • Health Centre (Sanatorium) - Befriend Martha.
  • Clinic - Already moved in.Tool Shop - Already moved in.
  • Cafe Kalaui - Visit Horse race for first time, then wait for (or befriend) Carl to put it up.
  • Mayor's House - Already moved in.
  • Heartful Lyla - Visit flower festival and befriend Lyla.
  • Library - Already moved in. Library opens partway through spring on year one.

Purchasing Land[edit]

One of the intriguing features of Magical Melody is the ability to buy land. You must own land before you build any buildings although all free land can be used for crops and trees.

Light green areas are free land that may be purchased or another NPC can move on it as you unlock them. Red area is your rival's land, Jamie. Blue areas are the land you can choose from at the start of the game, you can buy the other two you didn't choose for 5,000 gold from Woody.

You can purchase all land from Woody who owns the Workshop at 3 Woodman's Forest. Most land requires you to befriend the mayor, Theodore, who can always be found inside of his house on 1-2 Flower Bud. While playing in game, try pressing Z to see the grounds color codes: yellow, NPC property; red, Jamie (rival); green, free or future NPC property; blue, owned property.


  • A - 1-4 Flower Bud, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • B - 4-3 Flower Bud, Price / Hearts 10,000G / 2
  • C - 1 Flower Bud Riverside, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • D - 2 Forest of Fountains, Price / Hearts 30,000G / 3
  • E - 1 Forest of Fountains, Price / Hearts 30,000G / 3
  • F - 1 River Song Heights, Price / Hearts 10,000G / 2
  • G - 3 River Song Heights, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • H - 1 Mountain Echo Forest, Price / Hearts 10,000G / 2
  • I - 2 Mountain Echo Forest, Price / Hearts 7,000G / 1
  • J - 3 Mountain Echo Forest, Price / Hearts 7,000G / 1
  • K - 1 Woodman's Forest, Price / Hearts 10,000G / 2
  • L - Flower Bud Point, Price / Hearts 7,000G / 1
  • M - 1 Sea Breeze, Price / Hearts 7,000G / 1
  • N - 2 Sea Breeze, Price / Hearts 5,000G / 0
  • O - 4 Sea Breeze, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • P - 2 Flower Bud Riverside, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • Q - 3-2 Flower Bud, Price / Hearts 10,000G / 2
  • R - 3-3 Flower Bud, Price / Hearts 15,000G / 3
  • S - 3-1 Flower Bud, Price / Hearts 5,000G / 0
  • T - 4 River Song Heights, Price / Hearts 5,000G / 0


If your girl (or boy) has 8 or more hearts, then just walk up to them and give them the blue feather, its as easy as that. If they don't have 8 or more hearts they probably wont take it. The next day, you hear bells ring and you automatically engage in an event in the lake summit. Your friends are lined up on the sides and the mayor waits patiently while you and your wife (in nice white suits and dresses) walk up to the mayor. The mayor will ask you if you do (you actually have a choice) and then you both kiss. As you part the villagers will cheer and jump up in the air as more confetti falls.