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  • Many of the black heart events require you to have 'met' someone. Just to be on the safe side, talk to everyone in the town at least once before trying to trigger them
  • Events cannot happen on Bazaar days or festivals
  • You can raise a person's LP by talking, giving presents, or answering correctly in the heart events
  • Each time you talking to a bachelor/ette you gain +200 LP
  • 'Loved' presents will score you +800 LP, 'liked' presents about +500 and 'okay' presents +300
  • It takes about an average of 10 days using 'loved' presents, 14 days using 'liked' presents, and 20 days using 'okay' presents

Love Point degree[edit]

  • Black Heart 0 - 10,000
  • Purple Heart 10,001 -20,000
  • Blue Heart 20,001 - 30,000
  • Green Heart 30,001 - 40,000
  • Yellow Heart 40,001 - 50,000
  • Orange Heart 50,001 - 60,000
  • Red Heart 60,001 - 65,535


Requirements for marriage:[edit]

  • The Blue feather - In your second year or beyond, Stewart and Sania will give you a Blue feather when you reach an orange heart (50,000 LP) with any marriage candidate
  • The big bed - This is available for purchase in the bazaar for 10000G once the bazaar has upgraded once
  • LP at 60,000 - You must have the one you wish to marry at a red heart
  • Heart Events - You must have seen all four heart events
  • FP requirement - For certain candidates, there is a FP requirement with other villagers. Read about them below.

Specific Candidate Requirements:[edit]

  • Shelfer- Felix and Royd must have more than 30000 FP
  • Anemone - Stewart and Sania must have more than 30000 FP
  • Enju - Erich must have more than 30000 FP
  • Juris and Dirka - Must have more than 30000 FP with the other brother
  • Royd - Felix and Shelfer must have more than 30000 FP
  • Kagetsu - You must have given her a total of 120 gifts

After marriage:[edit]

  • Sadly enough, your spouse will generally never leave your house. They don't make you lunch, help you on the farm, or go out to speak to their friends. Royd continues to leave on Wednesdays, but returns home that night. I assume this is the same for Freya and Juris, as well. They will however, continue to keep shop at the bazaar.
  • Spouses... never sleep 0.o They just wander around your house all night without ever getting in bed...
  • Return to your house after 20:00 to get some dinner from your spouse on your birthday and wedding anniversary


  • After marriage, the 'bed man' will start selling the deluxe bed for about 30,000G
  • If you own the deluxe bed, about thirty days after the purchase you or your wife will get pregnant. This is a way to hold off on having a kid, or choosing which season you want your child to be born in.
  • 60 days after you or your wife's pregnancy, the child will be born
  • You can do a save/reload to pick the gender of your child
  • About a year and 10 days after your child is born, it will begin to walk around. It seems that girls and boys look and sound exactly the same at this point. You can now give him/her presents. The child loves fruit of all kinds.
  • A year after they begin to walk around the child will 'grow up'. There are two different child graphics: A blonde girl \with purple eyes, and brown-eyed brunette boy. Here are the images of the children:
  • There is a cute little scene of you and your child playing together that you can see after your child has grown up and gotten to ten hearts. Enter your house at any time to activate the scene.


There is one rival event for each year, with four in total. So basically, rivals cannot marry until year four

  • If the rival member of the opposite sex is above a certain LP, the rival event will never trigger. This rule stays in effect even after you get married! So if you want to see a certain pair of rivals marry, avoid the one of opposite gender like the plague until about after you see the 2nd scene. Then it should be safe to talk to them a bit, but don't give them gifts!
  • You must have seen the previous rival scenes to activate the next one.
  • It's unknown whether the rivals will have children yet, but this is unlikely
  • Schmidt and Kagetsu are not rivals


In Welcome to the Wind Bazaar a lot of your success at being a great merchant is owed to using the windmills to your greatest advantage. There are three windmills in the game and though each is used for different types of things, they all work the exact same way. When a windmill becomes available, Isaac will bring you to it in the morning and give you a short introduction.

When you are inside the windmill there will be many devices that can help you make your goods. If you first ascend the platform in the center and investigate the apparatus that is located in the dead center of the platform, a menu will ask you if you would like to make something. Then you are shown a list of recipes for items that can be made using that particular windmill. If you select one that you have the ingredients for, you will be brought to another selecting screen. After pressing the start button the item has been set into the process of creation.

If you step down from the platform and investigate the mechanism directly to the left of you, you will see how much time is left for that item to be be finished. It will show hours and minutes. Right across from that item on the right side of the platform is the place where you can get the items once they have been completed.

Don't forget to blow into the microphone while standing outside next to the windmill to speed this process up! After you blow into the mic for a couple seconds, you'll hear a little fanfare sound letting you know you've got your windmill working in hyper-drive. This cuts down the time for creating good, especially if it's a long time like 100 hours!

  • The first windmill is unlocked on spring 23rd. It is on your farm. The second windmill unlocks on the 17th of summer, and the third on the 20th of fall.
  • To use the windmill, select a recipe from the list and it will use up the 'ingredients' you have in your rucksack.
  • The 'recipes' take in-game time to be completed. The faster the wind is blowing, the less time it takes to be done.
  • It appears that the first windmill on you farm is for dairy products, and the second is for upgrading tools
  • You can blow into the microphone when you are by the windmills to make the wind blow faster
  • You can upgrade the windmills using one of six colored wonderful stones at a time. You buy these stones from Hucho at the Bazaar for about 100000G each. When the Windmill isn't working on anything, or has nothing in the 'output' compartment, you can attach one of the stones to the mechanism beside the 'input' platform. You can only have one of each stone and only attach one stone at a time to one windmill, so be strategical with placing them. They can be removed and attached as many times as you wish.

Windmill Recipes[edit]

I've included several recipes here for those who do not have the game to see a bit about it, but in game all the recipes are included when each windmill is unlock!

First Windmill (on farm):

  • Cheese (Milk)
  • Strawberry Tea Tin (fall tea leaves + strawberry)
  • Fertilizer (Grass + tree branch (?)
  • Yogurt (Milk + Mint)
  • Fruit Yogurt (Milk + Mint + Banana + Strawberry + Peach)
  • Butter (Milk + Oil)
  • Herb Butter (Milk + Oil + Chamomile)
  • Mayonaise (Egg + Oil)
  • Beer (Soy bean + Wheat)
  • Miso (Soy bean + Cooked rice)
  • Red Wine (Red grape)
  • White Wine (White Grape)
  • Fruit Cider (Red Win + Any fruit)

Second Windmill Recipes:

  • Cheese (Milk)
  • Strawberry Tea Tin (fall tea leaves + strawberry)
  • Fertilizer (Grass + tree branch (?)
  • Yogurt (Milk + Mint)
  • Fruit Yogurt (Milk + Mint + Banana + Strawberry + Peach)
  • Butter (Milk + Oil)
  • Herb Butter (Milk + Oil + Chamomile)
  • Mayonaise (Egg + Oil)
  • Beer (Soy bean + Wheat)
  • Miso (Soy bean + Cooked rice)
  • Red Wine (Red grape)
  • White Wine (White Grape)
  • Fruit Cider (Red Win + Any fruit)

Third Windmill Recipes:

  • Coffee Pack (Coffee bean)
  • Citrus perfume (Orange + Pineapple)
  • Herb Perfume (Mint + Chamomile + lavender)
  • Olive Oil (Olive + Oil)
  • Herb Oil (Mint + Chamomile + lavender + Oil)
  • Nut Oil (Walnut + Oil)
  • Honey (beehive)