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Chickadee's Photo
Birthday: Fall 21
Roles: RS-Wiki Admin
Favorite Gifts: Hugs from animals, fruit
Favorite Games: Harvest Moon: 64, Rune Factory Oceans/Tides of Destiny
Favorite Candidates: Bridget, Ann, Clorica, Ford, Gill, Harvest Goddess Marina, Iris, Jin, Joe, Kappa, Lily, Maria, Mist, Nina, Lyla, Violet
Dream Candidates: Porcoline (I can dream)
Favorite Protagonists: Pete, Frey, Naomi

As a long time Bokumono fan, I've been in love with the series for 24 years. My first game was Harvest Moon: SNES. One of my goals is to collect all the games. I hope this wiki becomes one of the most helpful resources for the community!

Added note: It's come to my attention that other wikis are copying my work, word for word. While I respect free use of information collected in game that everyone has access to, I do not appreciate blatant plagiarism of my work, which includes templates that I've created. I will try to contact these individuals. If you would like to use something that I have edited, contact me first.

I want to emphasize when you take things from anyone without giving due credit, you are doing the community a disservice. The whole point of wikis is to source work so others can see where it came from. If you don't even try to work with people who are open to working with you, you are doing yourself a disservice. Please reconsider fandom plagiarism.

Games I Own[edit]

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