Update Changelog (Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town)

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Update Changelog[edit]

This is the changelog of all updates officially released for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

OCT 17 2019[edit]

  • Game is released in Japan. Ver 1.0.0.

OCT 17 2019[edit]

11:05 AM UTC+9

  • Game update Ver 1.0.1 released (JP)
  • Added function to adjust camera angle.
  • Fixed bug that disabled the ability to play with pet using frisbee.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed the number of played years when in the 7th year.
  • Fixed a bug where figurines would disappear after the 29th figure placement.
  • Adjusted the difficulty level of fish recipes.
  • Adjusted the difficulty level of recipes involving mayonnaise.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs

OCT 24 2019[edit]

11:00 AM UTC+9

  • Game update Ver 1.0.2 released (JP)
  • Fixed a bug that made animals including the horse move out of bounds on the ranch.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs

DEC 12 2019[edit]

12:30 PM UTC+9

  • Game update Ver 1.1.2 released (JP)
  • Added the in-game costume, "Reindeer Costume"
  • Special town decorations have been added during the following festivals: Starry Night Festival, Cooking Festival, Moo Moo Festival, Harvest Festival, and Fluffy Festival.
  • Added an event that allows a character who left town to return by advancing the story. (This is not Aja or Kano.)
  • Added the ability to warp to certain levels of the mine.
  • The motion of the player character has been adjusted to reflect low stamina.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed text too fast. (E.g. Manna and TV Channels)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the use of the egg incubator and Angora Rabbit pregnancy to occur at the same time as there are 7 Chickens inside the Chicken Coop.
  • Fixed a bug that forced the game to close unexpectedly while saving or loading the game when the player obtained the item "Alexandrite" in the mines.
  • Fixed a bug where Cursed Tools could be found in the Lake Mine again after having received the Blessed Tools.
  • Fixed a bug where Cursed Tools could be found even if the player's current tools were not at "Mythril" level.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not earn the achievement title "Self-Sufficient Glutton", even if you had eaten all of your own cooked meals.
  • Fixed a bug where the achievement "Solomon's Ring" may not unlock, even if you purchase 5 or more pets.
  • Fixed a bug where the second (and so on) achievement isn't saved when two or more achievements are unlocked at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sprites' task, "Caring For Animals", would not be executed for Angora Rabbits.
  • Fixed a bug where Cliff used the animation that appears in his "Cliff Falls Down" event during the Wedding Ceremony event. (The one where he appears face down on the ground.)
  • Fixed a bug where fish could be caught regardless of the cast charge level.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.


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