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Tina's Photo
Japanese Name: ティーナ (Tiina)
Birthday: Summer 12
Residence: Tina's House
Family: Father (Out of Town)
Mother (Out of Town)
Brother (Out of Town)
Sister (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Orange Sherbet


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Spoiler Below - Wedding Portraits

Wedding Wedding

Events and Requirements[edit]

Black Heart Event[edit]

  • Location: Go from the forest to the mountain area
  • Time: 6:00 AM-10:00 AM
  • Weather: Any weather (excluding typhoon/blizzard)



Likes: All sweets

Heart Lines[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]


Black Heart Event[edit]

Tina: Hi there, [Protagonist]!

Tina: Did you come here to do some gathering near the summit? The soil here is prized because it contains all kinds of things. Ah, I’ve got to run. Sorry, [Protagonist]. Catch you later!

(Tina runs off. Protagonist soon after picks up a piece of paper on the ground.)

Seems like this has the scribblings of a bunch of news stories on it. Tina much have dropped it. Where could she be...

Hmm, what to do? Should I go chase after Tina?

>>Run after Tina now

(Protagonist chases Tina through the woods but is unable to catch up to her. Cut to scene of Tina in town talking to Iroha.)

Tina: This is info I collected about the gathering points. We should be fine as long as we have this!

Iroha: Many thanks. It seems like I’ll be able to get the materials I need for smithing thanks to your information network.

Tina: I see. That’s great! Keep up your training.

Iroha: Yes, I will. Well then, I must get going.

(Iroha leaves. Protagonist finally catches up to Tina.)

Tina: What’s going on, [Protagonist]? You’re drenched in sweat.

(Protagonist pulls out Tina’s notes.)

Tina: Ah, this is my notepad! So you picked it up and then came running after me?

Tina: These memos are really important to me. If I lost them, I’d be so upset. Thanks, [Protagonist].

Tina: I wish I could do something in return, but I’ve actually got to get going again. I’ll definitely return the favor next time. Look forward to it, okay? Thanks again.

>>Give it to her later (We don't have the dialogue for this option.)




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