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Header iconmini HMFoMT Stu.png Stu
This page is about Stu from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Stu (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: ユウ (Yuu)
Birthday: Fall 5
Residence: Ellen's House
Family: Ellen (Grandmother)
Elli (Sister)
Favorite Gift:


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Full dialogue is found in the collapsible table below.

Avatar Event Line
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png First Meeting You're not from around here, are you? My name? It's Stu. Hey, you have cows on your farm, right? Can I come pet one?
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Spring
Not Sunday
Today isn't a Church day. My sis Elli is free on Wednesdays, and on Mondays May goes out with her grandfather.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Spring
Not Sunday
I don't like playing mommy all day, you know!
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Spring
In House
Hi there!
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Spring
In House
You look like you’re as bored as me!

Event Scripts[edit]

Stu's New Playmate[edit]

Full dialogue is found in the collapsible table below.

Player Enters Ellen's House
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Grandma?...
Dlg-hm-fomt ellen happy.png Ellen What, dear?
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Stu Will you read me a story?
Dlg-hm-fomt ellen happy.png Ellen If you want.
Dlg-hm-fomt elli everyday.png Elli Hi, Pete.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Pete!
Dlg-hm-fomt ellen happy.png Ellen Stu likes you so much, you know. He looks up to you like an older brother.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Stu Let’s play!
Dlg-hm-fomt elli angry.png Elli No, Stu. I’m sure Pete has work to do.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Please...??
Choices > I’ll play.
> I’m too busy!
Player Picks > I’ll play.
Dlg-hm-fomt elli everyday.png Elli It isn’t an imposition?
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Really?! Fantastic!
Fade in to Player wiping his forehead after playing
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Let’s play some more!
Dlg-hm-fomt elli angry.png Elli I think that’s enough, Stu. Pete does have other things to do.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu everyday.png Stu ......OK.
Dlg-hm-fomt ellen happy.png Ellen Say thank you now.
Dlg-hm-fomt stu happy.png Stu Thank you!
Dlg-hm-fomt elli happy.png Elli Thanks for helping me with Stu.
Dlg-hm-fomt ellen happy.png Ellen Come any time.
Player exits Ellen's house at 7:00 PM
Player Picks > I’m too busy!
Dlg-hm-fomt stu crying.png Stu Whaaa.....
Dlg-hm-fomt elli angry.png Elli Don’t cry now. It’s not Pete’s fault!
Dlg-hm-fomt stu crying.png Stu But...but...OK.
Dlg-hm-fomt elli sad.png Elli Let’s head back home now, Stu. I’ll give you a treat.
File:Dlg-hm-fomt elli sad 2.png Elli Sorry...
Player exits Ellen's House