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Spring Mine
Japanese Name:
Location: Outside Mineral Town

The Spring Mine can be found next to the Hot Springs and Harvest Goddess Spring. This mine can be accessed year-round, unlike the Lake Mine which can only be accessed either during Winter when the lake has frozen over or once the player has obtained the Teleport Stone.

Spring Mine Item List[edit]

Image Item Japanese Name Floors Drop % Sell Price
Sosfomt items Black Grass.png Black Grass 黒い草 All Random 10G
Sosfomt items Scrap Ore.png Scrap Ore クズ鉱石 All 2.0 - 19.5% 1G
Sosfomt items Copper.png Copper All 9.8 - 19.5% 15G
50px Silver 3 and below 9.8 - 19.5% 20G
50px Gold 6 and below 9.8 - 19.5% 25G
50px Mithril ミスリル 9 and below 9.8 - 19.5% 40G
Sosfomt items Orichalcum.png Orichalcum オリハルコン 10 and below 5.9 - 19.5% 50G
Sosfomt items Adamantite.png Adamantite アダマンタイト 10 and below 5.9 - 19.5% 50G
Sosfomt items Philosophers Stone.png Mythic Ore 賢者の石 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, 222 / 250-255 0.4% 20000G
Sosfomt items power berry.png Power Berry 力の木の実 100 100% n/a
Sosfomt items mysterious lithograph.png 謎の石版 255 100% n/a

Special Items[edit]

A variety of special items, such as collectibles and recipes, can be found within the Spring Mine.

Goddess Jewels[edit]

There are a total of nine Goddess Jewels found on specific floors within the Spring mine. Once all are collected, the player will receive the Goddess Gem which is a tool that can be used to regain stamina.

Goddess Jewels can be found on floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202 and 222, each with a 3.9% chance to have one in it.


Collectible statues can be found on various levels of the Spring Mine. Only useful as decoration for your house, once it has been upgraded.

Image Item Japanese Name Floors Drop %
Sosfomt items Sprite Statue.png コロボックルの 160-180 9.8%
Sosfomt items Goddess Statue.png 女神の像 220-249 9.8%

Teleport Stone[edit]

Allows the player to teleport to any place in Mineral Town. Can be found only after Year 3 on floor 255.

Floor Tiles[edit]


Sosfomt items money coin.png These are not physical items; they are coins that can be dug up from floor tiles awarding the player a certain amount of Gold (G). The amount of gold (G) received increases the with the floor level.


Pitfalls are traps hidden throughout mine floors. They can be used to take a shortcut to lower levels, however this comes at a cost of the Player's stamina and fatigue.


The elevator will take you instantly to certain floors when you enter the Spring Mine. It is unlocked by giving 100 gifts to the Harvest Goddess.

The following floors are accessible by elevator:

  • BF50
  • BF100
  • BF150
  • BF200
  • BF225



All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[1]

  1. 牧場物語再会のミネラルタウン公式コンプリートガイド, Bokujou Monogatari Sakai No Mineraru Taun Koushiki Konpurito Gaido [Bokujou Monogatari Reunion of Mineral Town Official Complete Guide]. 1st Ed. (2019). Kadokawa.
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