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This page is about Sera from Rune Factory 2. For other uses, see Sera (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: ムー (Muu)
Voiced By: JPN.gif 鎌田 梢 (Kozue Kamada)
Birthday: Autumn 29
Residence: De Sainte-Coquille Manor (Gen.2)
Family: Rosalind (Mother, Gen.2)
Ray (Father, Gen.2)
Serena (Twin Sister, Gen.2)
Herman (Maternal Grandfather, Gen.2)
Natalie (Paternal Grandmother, Gen.2)
Alicia (Paternal Aunt, Gen.2)
Max (Maternal Uncle)
Julia (Maternal Aunt, Gen.2)
Leann (Cousin, Gen.2)
Favorite Gifts: Pudding, Omelet Rice, Tomato Juice
Disliked Gift: Sardine Sashimi
Birthday Gift: Marmalade

Sera (ムー, Muu) and Serena are the daughters of Rosalind and Ray. Sera likes to read books, and Serena likes to go outside and play. The two of them are never apart, and act as one person in gift-giving. They both love toast and marmalade, and don't understand what marriage is.

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Everyday Happy Angry Nervous Sad

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Likes: Omelet Rice, Pudding, Tomato Juice
Dislikes: Sardine Sashimi

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