Seed (Rune Factory 5)

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Seed (シード, Shiido) is an organization that established itself in the town of Rigbarth. Members of Seed aid in the town's protection.


Long-lasting conflict between the Norad Kingdom and the Sechs Empire led to a series of violent battles at the border of each country. The aftermath reached beyond the countries' borders, resulting in the formation of vigilante groups. These vigilante groups were created to protect people who were out of reach of each nation's sovereign guard. However, mutual interests and territorial disputes often added fuel to the fire.
The vigilante groups which arose during strife were united by Gandage and became a single organization operating as a "security firm". This organization eventually came to be known as Seed, and its members grew in response to the growing conflict of the two warring nations. There would be no border protection without Seed.[1]