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This page is about Scarlett from Rune Factory 5. For other uses, see Scarlett (disambiguation).
Scarlett's Photo
Japanese Name: スカーレット (Sukaaretto)
Voiced By: Japan 洲崎 綾 (Aya Suzaki)
North America TBA
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Scarlett (スカーレット, Sukaaretto), is a half-elf girl who's an official member of Seed, which has work that sends members to faraway places nowadays. She's an elite team member who wants to be like her father. She's a by-the-books person who is serious to a fault, and she gets annoyed if she has pointless conversations, or if someone suddenly changes the topic of conversation. Although she has a rigid personality, she's currently conflicted about whether it's fine for her to stay as she is right now.[1]

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  • Scarlett's weapon preference is dual blades. To use combo attack techniques with Scarlett, you must also use dual blades.[2]
  • In the Rune Factory 5 Destined Person ♡ Diagnosis Quiz, Scarlett was compared to Forte from Rune Factory 4/Special. If you're given her as a destined partner, the result reads: "Your destined partner is Scarlett, a half-elf girl who is a member of SEED's elite squadron. At first you'll be surprised by her by-the-book behavior when an incident occurs, but you'll come to know and respect her seriousness and sense of justice. In turn, she will be attracted by your relaxed and unique atmosphere, and will feel at home with you in her company. A puzzle or mystery novel is a great gift for her! As long as you keep your promises and show your sincerity, she will come to believe that you're the one." The question featuring her chibi art is "Do you post on social networks often?"[3]


Introductory Trailer, aired November 5, 2020[4]


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