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Rune Factory 2
Rune Factory 2 Box Front
Rune Factory 2 Box Back
Japanese Title: ルーンファクトリー2 (Ruun Fakutorii 2)
Translation: Rune Factory 2
Developer: Neverland
Director: Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Publishers: Japan Marvelous Entertainment
North America Natsume
Europe Rising Star Games
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Dates: Japan January 3, 2008
North America November 18, 2008
Europe October 8, 2010
Players: 1
Online: Yes (Closed as of May 20, 2014)
Ratings: Japan CERO: A (All Ages)
North America ESRB: E (Everyone)
Europe PEGI: 12+
Product Codes: Japan JAN: 4535506300508
North America UPC: 719593100140
Europe EAN: 5060102951995
Media: Cartridge

Rune Factory 2 (ルーンファクトリー2, Ruun Fakutorii 2) is the sequel to the original Rune Factory. The story is set several years after Raguna and friends defeated the evil plans of the Sechs Empire. Things are at peace again in Norad Kingdom. In the village of Alvarna, a boy named Kyle has become old enough to travel on his own. Right before he begins his adventures, a strange premonition of doom begins to appear as a strange lady named Mana makes an appearance. In this new Harvest Moon play Kyle to help stop the new threat to the village.


The story takes place in the village of Alvarna, a village in the nation of Norad. You find your character wandering in to a land with beautiful scenery as he meets a girl named Mana. You have lost all your memory and don't know where to go, or what do to do. So Mana convinces her father to give you his spare farmland. And from there on out, you need to make your profit, woo that special someone, and figure out the secret behind your characters past.


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  • There are only thirteen voice actors listed in the end game credits as having voiced all characters in the English version of Rune Factory 2. Their names are Julissa Aguirre, Tim White, Josh Snyder, Bobby Foster, Tina Marie Murray, Dion Foster, Christianne Crawford, Jean Mazzei, JS Gilbert, Surly, Shatese Stewart, Mr. Ore and Ka-ne-da.

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