Rose Plaza (Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town)

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Header iconmini SOSFOMT Rose Plaza.png Rose Plaza
Rose Plaza
Japanese Name: ローズ広場
Location: Central Mineral Town
Van's Pet Shop
Van's Pet Shop
Japanese Name: ザっか屋
Open: 15th of the Season
Hours: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Closed: Holidays, Bad Weather
Run By: Van (Traveling Merchant)

Rose Plaza is where most of the festivals in Mineral Town will be held. During festivals, you'll only be able to enter the plaza during the event; it'll be unavailable until the festival starts.

Van's Pet Shop[edit]

When Van is unlocked, his stall will open in the bottom left corner of the Plaza on the 15th of every season. He will sell the player a variety of pets and pet treats that change with the seasons.

The stall is closed on days where the 15th of the season happens to coincide with a festival, or when the weather is raining, snowing, or storming.


The selection at Van's shop changes every season. He checks up on the pets he sells you. If you have not spent enough time with the previous pet he will not sell you a second pet.

Image Pet Japanese Name Price Description
American Shorthair American Shorthair アメリカンショートヘアー 20000G
Bengal Bengal ベンガル 20000G
Calico Calico 三毛猫 20000G
Image Pet Japanese Name Price Description
Penguin Penguin ペンギン 30000G An aquatic, flightless bird with blue coloring.
Navy Penguin Navy Penguin 紺ペンギン 30000G An aquatic, flightless bird with navy coloring.
Image Pet Japanese Name Price Description
FoMT Dog Mineral Dog ミネなか犬 10000G A unique-looking dog.
Black Shiba Black Shiba 黒柴 20000G A Shiba Inu with a black coat.
Papillon Papillon パピヨン 20000G A dog with distinctive ears and long fur.
Image Pet Japanese Name Price Description
Capybara (Brown) Capybara カピバラ 30000G A large rodent with short brown fur.
Capybara (White) White Capybara 白カピバラ 30000G A large rodent with short white fur.
All Seasons
Image Item Japanese Name Price Description
Pet Treat Pet Treat ペットのおやつ 1000G Buy it from Van's Pet Shop. Giving it to your pet will make it love you more.



All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[1]

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  • Lchronos
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