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This page is about Rick from Harvest Moon: DS Cute. For other uses, see Rick (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: ミック (Mikku)
Birthday: Fall 27
Favorite Gift(s): Spa Boiled Egg


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Heart Color Line
Black Heart "Hey. How's the ranch? I'm helping on a ranch, but it's tough, isn't it? I understand how it is."
Purple Heart "Hey, <Player>. How are you? Call me whenever you want cows and sheep. Oh, except for Sundays."
Blue Heart "It's touch managing a ranch every day. I'm tired out every day. Yodel Ranch sells animals. We're raising a lot of them."
Green Heart "It's hard work getting the animals back in their barns after you let them out. Don't you agree, <Player>? I get really depressed when I let them out and forget that it's gonna rain the next day. The animals get upset, too."
Yellow Heart "Hey, <Player>. You look well. The old man at Yodel Ranch was known as the Master Rancher when he was working. Amazing, isn't it? I want to be like that."
Orange Heart "Are you taking a break, <Player>? Ranching is hard enough for a man like me. You're amazing, <Player>."
Red Heart "How’s the ranch going, <Player>? <Player>, thanks to you I’ve gotten really encouraged to with my ranch work."