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Only one request is posted daily from one of the residents. These requests can be completed any day up until 12:00 AM, except on holidays.

Town Requests[edit]

There are 3 requests available to develop the town. Only one of the three has to be completed. After a town request is completed, Victor’s friendship will increase. Actions you take in your farm life such as talking with residents, repairing facilities, and upgrading tools will help increase the development of the town. Once you reach the next development level Victor will visit your farm with a town request.

Requests Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Reward
Request 1 Logs (x10) Sap (x5) Stone (x30) 300G
Request 2 Lumber (x5) Iron Ingots (x5) Cloth(x3) 600
Request 3 Solid Lumber (x5) Glass (x3) Clay (x20) 900G
Request 4 Mortar (x30) Silver Ingots (x5) Flexible Cloth (x5) 1,200G
Request 5 Supple Lumber (x10) Silver Ingots (x10) Brick (x20) 1,500G
Request 6 Gold Ingots (x3) Stone (x999) Tough Cloth (x5) 3,000G
Request 7 Durable Lumber (x10) Gold Ingot (x5) Smooth Cloth (x10) 4,000G
Request 8 Refined Coal (x30) Brick (x50) Durable Lumber (x20) 5,000G
Request 9 Deluxe Fodder (x200) Fancy Pet Treat (x50) Wool + (x1) 10,000G


All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[1]

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