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This page is about Reinhard from Rune Factory 5. For other uses, see Reinhard (disambiguation).
Reinhard's Photo
Japanese Name: ラインハルト (Rainharuto)
Voiced By: Japan 花江 夏樹 (Natsuki Hanae)
North America TBA
Favorite Gifts:
Hated Gifts:

Reinhard (ラインハルト, Rainharuto) is a young man who is a knight who has pledged his loyalty to the Norad Kingdom. He's talented and is adept at politics, but it's unknown why he has come to Rigbarth. He has a strong sense of duty, and thinks logically and in a clear-headed manner, but not in an overly intrusive manner, so everyone trusts him. However, the protagonist will stumble upon another side to this knight.[1]

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Dating Heroine[edit]

Speaking NPC Line
Reinhard (to Alice) 初めてのデートの記念に、これを。
Take this, in commemoration of our first date.
Alice (to Reinhard) うわあ、かわいいお花ですね。
Ooh, what cute flowers.
Reinhard (to Alice) 家でもいいが、髪に飾ってもいいと思う。あなたのかわいらしさを引き立てる。
They make for nice house decorations, but I think they'd look good in your hair, too. They enhance your cuteness.
Speaking NPC Line
Reinhard (to Alice) 食事はもう済ませたが?よかったら味見を……。
Have you already eaten? Try some of this if you like...



  • Reinhard's weapon preference is a long sword. To use combo attack techniques with Reinhard, you must also use a long sword.[2]
  • In the Rune Factory 5 Destined Person ♡ Diagnosis Quiz, Reinhard was compared to Arthur from Rune Factory 4/Special. If you're given him as a destined partner, the result reads: "The man of your dreams is Reinhard, a knight loyal to Norad Kingdom. Without hesitation, you'll fall for his communication skills which give him the ability to unashamedly say things that make others happy. The two of you are like oil and water, but for some reason you make it work, becoming attracted to one another. For this big hearted man who likes anything he can eat, giving a gift of a big, hearty meal is recommended! He's logical and intelligent, so your life after marriage will surely be full of peace and happiness. However, keep in mind that there are many who are vying for his love." The question featuring his chibi art is "Are you often nominated to be the leader?"[3]


Introductory Trailer, aired November 4, 2020[4]


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