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This page is about Reina from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. For other uses, see Reina (disambiguation).
Reina's Photo
Japanese Name: レイナ (Reina)
Voiced By: Japan
North America
Birthday: Summer 28
Residence: Olive Museum (Basement)
Family: Mother (Deceased)

"Seriously!? Isn't that amazing!?"[1]

The only thing that matches Reina's (レイナ) passion for partying is her unrelenting enthusiasm for her work at the museum. Her knowledge of the exhibits is second to none, much to museum curator Gloria's delight.[2]



Preference Gift
Loved Lemon ・ Bouquet Perfume ・ Jewelry Locket ・ Fulgurite ・ Arthurite ・ etc.
Liked Clematis ・ Orange ・ Glass ・ Orange Jam ・ Jewelry Ring ・ etc.
Liked A Little Cherry ・ Almond ・ Glass Rock ・ Ruby ・ Floral Perfume ・ etc.
Neutral Lemon Seedling ・ Melon ・ Milk ・ Sardine ・ Iron Ore ・ etc.
Note: Full gift list is pending

Events and Requirements[edit]

1♥ Episode[edit]

Misplaced Materials
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
Description As The Player enters the Museum, Reina confronts them about returning materials they borrowed.
  • 1♥ or more

2♥ Episode[edit]

Exciting Exhibition
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
Description Reina talks to the Player about a potential paleolithic exhibit, and asks them to lend her a hand. Gloria, however...
  • 2♥ or more
"Our museum is going to open up an exhibit about the history of this region soon. Would you mind lending us a hand?"
Choice 1 I'm all about history!
Choice 2 Boooring.

3♥ Episode[edit]

Work Hard, Party Harder
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
Description Even though the exhibit was cancelled, Reina still wants to throw a party and invite all of Olive Town. The Player's help was requested once again, but...
  • 3♥ or more
"You're down for that, right? It'll be fun, I promise."
Choice 1 Uh, yeah, I'm a total party animal.
Choice 2 Um...

4♥ Episode[edit]

Past and Present
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
Description Unfortunately, the exhibit and party plans were a bust. Reina asks the Player to take a walk with her.
  • 4♥ or more
"Maybe you could show me your farm sometime."
Choice 1 I'd love to!
Choice 2 It's not much to look at.

5♥ Episode[edit]

200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear
Description When the Player arrives at the Museum, Gloria asks them to find Reina, who hasn't come back from an errand. They locate Reina near the Ranger Station, but the weather turns bad fast. The two take refuge in the Station.
  • 5♥ or more
"I'm still concerned for her. Would you mind going to the general store to see what's taking her so long?"
Choice 1 Sure thing!
Choice 2 I'm busy.
"Ugh, that one caught me off guard... I hate thunder."
Choice 1 It'll be over soon.
Choice 2 I'm sure we'll be okay.
Choice 3 It's a little chilly, huh?

6♥ Episode[edit]

Confessing Your True Feelings
200px Location Time Weather
Any Any Clear, Rain, Snow
Description The Player confesses their feelings to Reina.
  • 6♥ or more
"Those are my three rules. Are you okay with those?"
Choice 1 Yeah, of course!
Choice 2 ...

7♥ Episode[edit]

Proper Nomenclature
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 8:00AM - 5:59PM Clear, Rain, Snow
Description An artifact showcased in the museum was broken. Reina asks for the Player's help with brainstorming ideas for the repair fund's name.
  • 7♥ or more
"So I was going to ask you if..."
Choice 1 You want me to pay for it?
Choice 2 How much does it cost?
Choice 3 I'm low on funds, so I can't donate.
"I bet you can think up some good ones, though. Just say whatever comes to mind!"
Choice 1 The White Cow Community Chest
Choice 2 The Olive You Very Much Campaign
Choice 3 The Fun Fund

8♥ Episode[edit]

All in Perspective
200px Location Time Weather
Your Farm (Exit House) Any Clear, Rain, Snow
Description Reina arrives at the Player's farm to show them an ancient ruin.
  • 8♥ or more
  • Occurs the day after reaching 8♥ and if weather conditions are met.

9♥ Episode[edit]

I Wish Upon a Meteor Shower
200px Location Time Weather
Olive Museum 1F 12:00PM - 5:59PM Clear
Description A famous meteor shower is happening tonight. Gloria and Reina want the Player to join in and watch.
  • 9♥ or more
"Apparently tonight's the best night to see that meteor shower I mentioned earlier."
Choice 1 We HAVE to go see it together!
Choice 2 ...Uh, I'm only just hearing about it now.

10♥ Episode - Proposal[edit]

Will you marry me?
200px Location Time Weather
Any Any Clear, Rain, Snow
Description The Player gives Reina a blue feather.
  • 10♥ or more
"<Player>, do you vow to love me and only me, in sickness and in health, with all your heart?"
Choice 1 I do.
Choice 2 ...


The Happy Couple
200px Location Time Weather
Description The Player and Reina join hands in marriage.
  • The Player has seen Reina's proposal event and Victor's "Picking Your Attire" event
"And do you vow to do the same, <Player>?"
Choice 1 I do.
Choice 2 ...

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]





All information not credited to persons on this page or below are referenced from the official guide.[3]

  1. マジでっ!? それ、すごいくない!?
  3. 牧場物語オリーブタウンと希望の大地 公式ガイドブック, Bokujou Monogatari Oriibutaun to Kibou no Daichi Koushiki Gaido Bukku [Bokujou Monogatari Olive Town and the Land of Hope Official Guide Book]. 1st Ed. (2021). Kadokawa Game Linkage.
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

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