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This page is about Raven from Rune Factory 4. For other uses, see Raven (disambiguation).
Raven's Photo
Japanese Name: トゥーナ (Twuuna)
Voiced By: Japan 加藤 英美里 (Emiri Katou)
North America Cindy Robinson
Residence: Visitor
Favorite Gifts: Pendants, Platinum, Diamond, Orichalcum, Shade Stone, Round Stone, White Stone, Glitta Augite, Cores, Large Crystal, Rune Crystal
Hated Gift: Skull

A quiet woman who comes from a faraway place in search of ore. Though blunt, she seems to have an underlying kindness if one talks to her enough. [1]

Raven is a merchant and visitor from Sharance. A woman of very few words, she has come to Selphia in search of rare and interesting minerals, a subject which she is very passionate about. Her shop stocks random ores and minerals, which can be accessed by talking to her.

Avatar Gallery[edit]


Events and Requirements[edit]



Preference Gift
Love Star Pendant ᆞ Sun Pendant ᆞ Meadow Pendant ᆞ Water Pendant ᆞ Earth Pendant ᆞ ᆞ Red Core ᆞ Yellow Core ᆞ Blue Core ᆞ Green Core ᆞ Large Crystal ᆞ Rune Crystal
Like All Crystals (excluding Large Crystals and Rune Crystal) ᆞ Iron ᆞ Copper ᆞ Silver ᆞ Gold ᆞ Silver Pendant ᆞ Heart Pendant ᆞ Toyherb ᆞ Ultra Toyherb ᆞ Moondrop Grass ᆞ Ultra Moondrop Grass ᆞ Pink Cat ᆞ King Pink Cat ᆞ Charm Blue ᆞ Great Charm Blue ᆞ Amethyst ᆞ Aquamarine ᆞ Emerald ᆞ Ruby ᆞ Sapphire
Dislike Floating Hood ᆞ Ancient Fish Bone ᆞ Dragon Bone ᆞ Can ᆞ Rare Can ᆞ Boot ᆞ Scrap Iron ᆞ Weed ᆞ Withered Grass ᆞ Stone ᆞ Branch ᆞ Object X
Hate Skull
Any gift not listed is neutral. [2]






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