Quests (Innocent Life)

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Over the Timespan of Innocent Life, you will run into several quests that people give you. There will be a list of quests and requirements here.

Spring Quests[edit]

Spring Crop Quest[edit]

  • Day 14 - 28

After your maintence with Dr. Hope on Spring 14, Gayak will come in a ask you for your help! He will tell you that the Spring Festival is taking place on the 28th of Spring. He will ask that you ship at least two kinds of Spring crops, excluding Turnips or Potatoes. There is no real reward for this quest, except that the towns people at the festival will thank you for your hard work. And congratulate you for your work you did with the Festival, then you leave.

Summer Quests[edit]

Fumes Quest[edit]

  • Summer 28 - Fall 7

This quest starts after your weekly check-up at Dr. Hope's on Summer 28th. He tells you that an accident has occurred in the cave, in town. He said some gasses got out of the tunnel and are in the cave. He then tells you to stay away from the cave for some time, but in order to do this quest you must go in the cave. First, you must go find Gallion, Million's father, if you go to Million's house between 6 and 10 am, you will find Gallion, sitting in his room, watching his wife sleep. Talk to him, and he will tell you what happened. He will also tell you how to get rid of the fumes. He says that he told his son to order Earth Power Sand and herb seeds to sell to you. Now, go to Million's store, and buy Three, Earth Power Sand, then go back to your farm, and go into the Blue Door, and buy Lavender or Rosemarry Seeds (* Please note! These seeds can only be purchased in Summer!). Now go back to the cave in town, use the Earth Power Sand (good for nine squares) on the barren field in the cave, now you can plant your herbs in there. But be sure to water them daily! About the seventh day of Fall, when you go into the cave, the fumes will be gone! Exit from the cave to find... (?) He will tell you the fumes are gone and will give you free Robot Upgrades for your hard work!

Fall Quests[edit]

Shrooms Quest[edit]

  • Fall ? - Fall ?

One of the school teachers, who also works at the bar at night..., will ask you to find a certain type of mushroom, and bring it back to her before the mushroom festival. The mushrooms she asks for can be found the day after she asks for them. You can give them to her while she is at work at the bar, after 4 pm.