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This page is about Priscilla from Rune Factory 5. For other uses, see Priscilla (disambiguation).
Priscilla's Photo
Japanese Name: プリシラ (Purishira)
Voiced By: Japan 水瀬 いのり (Inori Minase)
North America TBA
Residence: Restaurant
Family: Elsje (Sister)
Favorite Gifts:
Hated Gifts:

Priscilla (プリシラ, Purishira) is a gentle but cheery girl who was born and raised in Rigbarth. One of her strong suits is preparing for everything well in advance. She seems to be working on overcoming one of her strongest fears, something that the protagonist can help her with.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue[edit]

Marrying Priscilla[edit]

Speaking NPC Line
Ares (to Priscilla) そっか、じゃあお式の最中に眠っちゃうことはなさそうだね。
Well, it looks like you won't fall asleep during the ceremony.
Priscilla (to Ares) もう、いくらわたしでも結婚式で眠ったりしないよ。
Hmph, even I wouldn't fall asleep at a wedding.



  • Priscilla's weapon preference is a staff. To use combo attack techniques with Priscilla, you must also use a staff.[1]
  • In the Rune Factory 5 Destined Person ♡ Diagnosis Quiz, Priscilla was compared to Clorica from Rune Factory 4/Special. If you're given her as a destined partner, the result reads: "The person of your dreams is Priscilla, a kind and sunny girl. A certain incident has made her afraid to leave the town [of Rigbarth] by herself, but she is trying her best to overcome this fear. Seeing her like this, you'll have a strong desire to protect her. In order to get her to open up to you, you should start by creating a safe environment for her and build a relationship. The key to making this relationship work is to not rush it. If you keep the same pace as Priscilla's heart, you will be able to become invaluable to one another." The question featuring her chibi art is "Do you like giving gifts to people?" [2]


Introductory Trailer, aired November 4, 2020[3]


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