Power Berries (Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley)

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The Powerberries in Sugar valley are attained by proxy of you little dog Fido or Rover or Pochi or whatever you decided to call the little furball. Once you've gotten your dog and purchased the Ocarina from the tool shop and your faithful friend is at 2 or more hearts, your ready to go! Bring your pooch to one of the specified areas, whip out your ocarina and play the correct notes for the 'search' command (Down, Left, up) and let him do the rest.

You won't always get a Powerberry in one of the place, but rather a mushroom or truffle or something to that affect. If this is the case, try again the next day or in a different place. The dog will only effectively search twice per day. There are four possible Powerberries to find, and one extra Powerberry you'll receive in an event with your dog and the Harvest Sprites. Happy hunting!


  • Supermarket Area - The mound of earth in front of the store, between the two trees
  • Bar/Tea Shop - The tree near the northern part of the area
  • Mountain Crossroad - In the very center of the area
  • Mountain Crossroad - The top of the stairs
  • Clove's Villa - The tree at the top right of the stairs
  • Goddess Spring - Near the two trees in the middle
  • Carpenter's house - Near the stairs in the center of the map
  • Carpenter's house - Near the right hand set of stairs
  • Flower shop/Tool Shop area - To the left of the Flower bed by Lyla's store
  • Town Square - To the left of the Flower/tool shop sign