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Header iconmini RF4 Porcoline.png Porcoline
Porcoline's Photo
Japanese Name: ポコリーヌ (Pokoriinu)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Takahiro Fujimoto (藤本 たかひろ)
NTSC.gif: Ezra Weisz
Birthday: Autumn 21
Residence: Porcoline's Kitchen
Family: Margaret (Adoptive Daughter)
Favorite Gift: Vegetables


A chef who owns the local eatery. A merciful weirdo helping anyone in need, who thinks of Margaret as if she were his own daughter. If he offers to cook you a meal, watch him, or else he might scarf it down himself before you can even get a bite.

Porcoline Tulle de Sainte-Coquille (ポコリーヌ, Pokoriinu) is a compassionate and eccentric man with an insatiable appetite, and is the only chef in Selphia. He lives on the second floor of the Saint-Coquille Mansion, above Porcoline's Kitchen. While he has many unconventional behaviors, he is very hospitable to strangers. He even offers Arthur and Dylas to stay in his spare rooms and welcomes them warmly into his small ragtag family that he's assembled in Selphia. He is the one who gives Dylas his waiter job at Porcoline's Kitchen.

Even though he's part of the great De Sainte-Coquille family, his adopted family in Selphia is closer to him than his relatives in other towns. The character he is closest to is Margaret, whom he has lovingly nicknamed Meggy and has acted as her father ever since she moved to Selphia.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Expressions, Everyday[edit]

Half-Body, Outfits[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

The Running Sign[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones, Kiel, Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur, Doug, Dylas
  • Description:

Eternal Rivals[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Doug, Dylas, Blossom, Porcoline, Margaret, Vishnal
  • Description:

How To Make A Pile Of Money[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Bado, Vishnal, Forte, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur
  • Description:

Shiny Memories[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Blossom, Doug, Xiao Pai, Arthur, Porcoline, Margaret, Ventuswill
  • Description:

Don't Forget Your Physical![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Jones, Margaret, Porcoline, Arthur
  • Description:

A Porco and An Elf[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Porcoline, Illuminata, Margaret
  • Description:

A Favor Repaid[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dylas, Margaret, Arthur, Porcoline
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Everyone
  • Description:

Being Here[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Margaret, Porcoline
  • Description:

Never Gonna Give Up![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Blossom, Kiel, Yang Fan
  • Description:


While all Selphia's citizen's schedules vary, Porcoline can be found at the following locations:


Preference Gift
Love All Vegetables
Like All Dishes
Dislike Can | Rare Can | Boot | Scrap Iron | Weed | Withered Grass | Stone | Branch | The Protein | Intelligencer | Vital Gummi | Heart Drink | Antidote Potion | Para-Gone | Roundoff | Cold Medicine | Love Potion | Invinciroid | Leveliser | Recovery Potion | Healing Potion | Mystery Potion | Object X
Hate Failed Dish | Disastrous Dish
Any gift not listed is neutral. [1]



Event Name Portrait Line
Everyday (1) Porcoline Everyday Lest, will you promise me one thing?
Everyday (1) Lest Everyday Sure, what is it?
Everyday (1) Porcoline Happy Firstly, please keep loving me the way you do now.
Everyday (1) Porcoline Everyday Secondly, please cook for me every day.
Everyday (1) Porcoline Everyday And thirdly, please come see me every day.
Everyday (1) Lest Happy ...Well, would you look at the time? I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! See ya'!
Everyday (1) Porcoline Sad Ahh...
Everyday (2) Porcoline Happy Lest, do you remember our promise?
Everyday (2) Lest Happy I've completely forgotten.
Everyday (2) Porcoline Surprised WHAT?!
Everyday (3) Porcoline Sad Due to my work schedule, I can't take a bath while the restaurant is still open.
Everyday (3) Porcoline Happy So I have special permission from Lin Fa to take my bath after-hours.
Everyday (3) Porcoline Happy It really helps me maintain my beauty!
Everyday (4) Porcoline Happy Porco Porcoporcoporco-liiiine! ♪
Everyday (4) Lest Everyday What's that?
Everyday (4) Porcoline Happy It's my theme song. Meggy wrote it for moi!
Everyday (4) Lest Everyday Oh, you have a theme song?
Everyday (4) Porcoline Happy Indeed I do!
Everyday (4) Porcoline Happy It was written just for moi, so how can I not make good use of it?
Everyday (4) Porcoline Happy I'm so happy to have a theme song!
Note: Clip of #Porcoline's Theme Song.
Everyday (5) Porcoline Happy <Player's Name>, will you marry me?
Everyday (5) Your Choices: (1) No. | (2) I'm sorry. | (3) Leave me alone. | (4) Utterly ludicrous.
Everyday (5)(Any) Porcoline Happy Don't be so shy...
Everyday (5)(Any) Lest Happy I'm not being shy!
Everyday (6) Porcoline Happy I'm glad that you've come to this town, Lest.
Everyday (6) Lest Shy R-r-really?
Everyday (6) Porcoline Happy I'm glad that you've come to this town, Lest.
Everyday (6) Lest Surprised ...Err, um, I heard you the first time.
Everyday (6) Porcoline Happy I'm glad that you've come to this town, Lest.
Everyday (6) Lest Angry Are you making fun of me? I know you are!!
Everyday (7), Fall Porcoline Everyday Fall will be ending soon.
Everyday (7), Fall Lest Everyday Yeah.
Everyday (7), Fall Porcoline Sad *SIGH*...
Everyday (7), Fall Lest Sad Wow, it's rare to hear a sigh from you.
Everyday (7), Fall Porcoline Everyday <Player's Name>...
Everyday (7), Fall Lest Happy What's wrong? I'll listen if you want to talk.
Everyday (7), Fall Porcoline Sad Frankly, I haven't finished feasting on all the fabulous fall foods...
Everyday (7), Fall Lest Happy Yeah, I'm not listening to that.
Everyday (7), Fall Porcoline Surprised Wha?!
Everyday (8) Porcoline Angry Is iron edible?
Everyday (8) Lest Happy Definitely not.
Everyday (8) Porcoline Happy Really?
Everyday (8) Lest Everyday Really.
Everyday (8) Porcoline Shy Even by moi?
Everyday (8) Lest Everyday Probably not.
Everyday (8) Porcoline Angry Even if I put everything I have into eating it?
Everyday (8) Lest Happy [Good boys and girls, please do not attempt this. On no level is it a good idea to imitate Porco.]
Everyday (9) Porcoline Shy Have you seen me sleep?
Everyday (9) Your Choices: (1) Of course! | (2) WHY WOULD I HAVE?!
Everyday (9)(1)(2) Porcoline Angry Oh my!
Everyday (9)(1)(2) Lest Happy ...
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Porcoline Surprised WAAAAAAH!!
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Lest Everyday What's wrong?!
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Porcoline Happy Everyone threw the beautifulest, bestest birthday bash for moi!
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Porcoline Happy I'm so, so, so happy!
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Lest Everyday Great! That's wonderful, Porcoline.
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Porcoline Happy So you'll marry moi, then?
Everyday, Porcoline's
Birthday (10)
Lest Surprised Wait, what?!
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Porcoline Happy HAAAAAH...
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Lest Angry Porcoline?
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Lest Surprised Porcoline?!
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Lest Surprised ...
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Porcoline Everyday I thought I'd try wishing you a Happy Birthday, with passion!
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Lest Everyday Um, thanks.
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Porcoline Happy PUUUUUHH....
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Lest Everyday "Present," right? Thank you.
Everyday, Player's
Birthday (11)
Porcoline Surprised No fair! You cut moi off!
Everyday (12) Porcoline Everyday Cooking is about love, <Player's Name>.
Everyday (12) Lest Surprised (Porcoline is saying something kind of deep. I'm sure there must be a catch somewhere...)
Everyday (12) Porcoline Happy As long as it's cooked with love, even iron would taste good.
Everyday (12) Lest Happy NO. BAD PORCO. BAD!


Event Name Portrait Line
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Neutral My name is Porcoline Tulle De Sainte-Coquille.
First Meeting (1) Lest Happy Hi. I'm <Player>.
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Neutral A pleasure to meet you, <Player>. Now then, allow moi to introduce myself again, in a sexier voice.
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Shy My name is Porcoline Tulle De Sainte-Coquille.
First Meeting (1) Lest Surprised ...Um, nice to meet you? (Wow, he's kinda weird.)
Time of Day Greetings
Season Greetings
Fall, Morning (1) Porcoline Everyday Autumn appetite! My season! Good morning, good morning!
Fall, Morning (1) Lest Everyday Good morning. You sure seem excited!

Gift Lines[edit]

Event Name Portrait Line
Favorite Gift Porcoline Happy WAH HA HA HA HAAAHN!! This is my favorite!
Loved Gift
Liked Gift
Neutral Gift
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift
Worst Gift
Give Handmade Gift
Give Accessory (1) Porcoline Everyday Ooh, <Accessory>? I'll take it.
Give Accessory (1) Porcoline Happy But you know, I like <dishes> better.
Favorite Birthday Gift
Loved Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift Porcoline Happy WAH-HOO!! This I like! And it's my birthday present, even! I feel sooo loved! Thank you!
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Worst Birthday Gift
Give Handmade Gift (1) Porcoline Happy This...this is handmade, even?!
Give Handmade Gift (1) Porcoline Happy Oh, how wonderful! I have no regrets left in this life.
Give Handmade Gift (1) Porcoline Happy ...Except for a few.
Porcoline Gifts You Porcoline Happy Here. A thank-you present in thanks for all the thankful things you do.
Give Cookie on
Valentine's Day (1)
Porcoline Surprised <Player's Name>! I-is this a...a c-c-c-coo...cooooo--
Give Cookie on
Valentine's Day (1)
Your Choices: (1) You're special to me. | (2) I had leftovers.
Give Cookie on
Valentine's Day (1)(1)
Porcoline Happy WOO-HOO-HOOOO! This is the happiest day of my life!!!
Specific Gifts
Event Name Portrait Line
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Sad *GLUG* *GLUG*
Love Potion (1) Frey Surprised What? You're drinking it already?
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Happy AAAHHHH!
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Shy ...Marry moi.
Love Potion (1) Frey Happy No thank you.
Love Potion (2)

Festival Lines[edit]

Event Name Portrait Line
New Year's Day
Cooking Contest
Bean Toss Festival
Fishing Frenzy Festival
De-Fluffing Festival
Spring Harvest Festival
Beach Day
Turnip Festival
Big Catch Contest
Firefly Festival
Summer Harvest Festival
Eating Contest
Day Before (1) Porcoline Angry Tomorrow is the Eating Contest. Tomorrow is the Eating Contest. Tomorrow is the---
Day Before (1) Lest Happy I get it, I get it.
Day Of (1) Porcoline Everyday Usually, Meg puts me on a veeeery strict diet, but today...today she has set me free.
Day Of (1) Porcoline Sad To win, I have no choice but to eat. No choice at all.
Day Of (1) Porcoline Sad None. I must. I have no--
Day Of (1) Lest Surprised I get it already.
Valentine's Day
Day Before (1) Porcoline Angry Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
Day Before (1) Porcoline Happy It is a holiday where ladies give cookies to the gentlemen they favor.
Day Before (1) Porcoline Shy Ladies might even ask their lover on a date and present it then. And the boys will simply LOVE it!
Day Before (1) Porcoline Shy Now, I expect it fresh from the oven, Lest.
Day Before (1) Lest Surprised Wha?
Day Of (1) Porcoline Sad Today I am prepared to receive not one Cookie, but dozens!
Day Of (1) Porcoline Shy Now come, throw yourself into my arms with luscious words of love!
Day Of (1) Your Choices: (1) Thanks but no thanks. | (2) Tackle him.
Day Of (1)(1) Porcoline Surprised Nnnooooo!!!
Day Of (1)(2) Porcoline Surprised OOOOOF!!
Fish Variety Contest
Handicraft Contest
White Day
Day Before (1) Porcoline Everyday Tomorrow is White Day.
Day Before (1) Porcoline Happy It is a festival where gentlemen give scrumptious cookies to the ladies they like.
Day Before (1) Porcoline Shy Gentlemen might even ask their lover on a date and present it then. And the girls will simply LOVE it!
Day Before (1) Porcoline Shy Be ready, <Player's Name>.
Day Before (1) Lest Surprised Huh?!
Day Of (1) Porcoline Happy <Player's Name>! I've been looking all over for you!
Day Of (1) Lest Surprised Y-yes?
Day Of (1) Porcoline Shy Yesterday, I poured my heart and soul into baking just the right Cookie for you.
Day Of (1) Porcoline Happy It's not just any Cookie, it's a SPECIAL Cookie. I dub it..."Hurricane Love!" I made a ton so there's one for everyone in town!
Autumn Harvest Festival
Day Before (1) Porcoline Sad Tomorrow is the Autumn Harvest Festival. The excitement alone makes me hungry.
Day Of (1) Porcoline Happy No! I mustn't yet release this ravenous appetite! Not yet!
Turnip Flurry
Quiz Contest
Squid Catch Contest
Winter Harvest Festival
New Year's Eve

Weather Lines[edit]

Event Name Portrait Line
Before Porcoline Surprised The typhoon is almost here! C-c-calm down and get ready!
During (1) Porcoline Surprised Good morning. I'm about to get blown away by the typhoon. How are you?
During (2) Lest Happy Good morning. P-please be careful.

Family Lines[edit]

Progress Lines[edit]

Event Name Portrait Line
Cooking Skill Progess
Level Up
Eating Skill Progess
Level Up

Adventure Lines[edit]

Type Name Portrait Line
Porcoline Invites (1) Porcoline Shy <Player's Name>, do you want to go on an amazing adventure with moi?
Porcoline Invites (2) Your Choices: (1) Sure. | (2) Sorry.
Porcoline Invites (3)(1) Porcoline Happy You...you've realized your feelings for moi?! YEE-HAW!
Player Invites
No Room in Party
During Adventure
Return Home

Story Progession Lines[edit]

Spoilers Below

Type Name Portrait Line
Honey in the Bath (1) Porcoline Shy Yesterday's bath was lovely.
Honey in the Bath (1) Porcoline Happy So much that I wanted to drink the water! Hahaha!
After Completing
Obsidian Manor (1)
Porcoline Sad Everyone's worried about the fallen Dragon God.
After Completing
Obsidian Manor (1)
Porcoline Angry Should I dress up as a Dragon God? That might put the minds of the people at ease a bit...

Event Scripts[edit]


  • In Rune Factory 5, Cecil mentions that Porcoline runs a guide that rates restaurants from around the world.



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