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This page is about Porcoline from Rune Factory 4. For other uses, see Porcoline (disambiguation).
Porcoline's Photo
Japanese Name: ポコリーヌ (Pokoriinu)
Voiced By: Japan 藤本 たかひろ (Takahiro Fujimoto)
North America Unknown
Birthday: Fall 21
Residence: Sainte-Coquille Manor
Family: Margaret (Adoptive Daughter)
Favorite Gifts: Vegetables
Hated Gifts: Failed Dish, Disastrous Dish

The owner of the local restaurant and a glutton so legendary that the food he cooks for his customers often don't make it to the table. Still, he's also known for his inmeasureable kindness, caring for Margaret like a daughter and housing both Dylas and Arthur while expecting nothing in return. [1]

Porcoline Tulle de Sainte-Coquille is a compassionate and eccentric man with an insatiable appetite, and is the only chef in Selphia. He lives on the second floor of the Saint-Coquille Mansion, above Porcoline's Kitchen. While he has many unconventional behaviors, he is very hospitable to strangers. He even offers Arthur and Dylas to stay in his spare rooms and welcomes them warmly into his small ragtag family that he's assembled in Selphia. He is the one who gives Dylas his waiter job at Porcoline's Kitchen.

Even though he's part of the great De Sainte-Coquille family, his adopted family in Selphia is closer to him than his relatives in other towns. The character he is closest to is Margaret, whom he has lovingly nicknamed Meggy and has acted as her father ever since she moved to Selphia.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Neutral Angry Sad Happy Surprised Shy

Events and Requirements[edit]

The Running Sign[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones, Kiel, Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur, Doug, Dylas
  • Description:

Eternal Rivals[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Doug, Dylas, Blossom, Porcoline, Margaret, Vishnal
  • Description:

How To Make A Pile Of Money[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Bado, Vishnal, Forte, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur
  • Description:

Shiny Memories[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Blossom, Doug, Xiao Pai, Arthur, Porcoline, Margaret, Ventuswill
  • Description:

Don't Forget Your Physical![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Jones, Margaret, Porcoline, Arthur
  • Description:

A Porco and An Elf[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Porcoline, Illuminata, Margaret
  • Description:

A Favor Repaid[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dylas, Margaret, Arthur, Porcoline
  • Description:


  • Location:
  • Participants: Everyone
  • Description:

Being Here[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Margaret, Porcoline
  • Description:

Never Gonna Give Up![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Blossom, Kiel, Yang Fan
  • Description:



Preference Gift
Love All Vegetables
Like All Dishes
Dislike Can ᆞ Rare Can ᆞ Boot ᆞ Scrap Iron ᆞ Weed ᆞ Withered Grass ᆞ Stone ᆞ Branch ᆞ The Protein ᆞ Intelligencer ᆞ Vital Gummi ᆞ Heart Drink ᆞ Antidote Potion ᆞ Para-Gone ᆞ Roundoff ᆞ Cold Medicine ᆞ Love Potion ᆞ Invinciroid ᆞ Leveliser ᆞ Recovery Potion ᆞ Healing Potion ᆞ Mystery Potion ᆞ Object X
Hate Failed Dish ᆞ Disastrous Dish
Any gift not listed is neutral. [2]




Event Name Portrait Line
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Neutral My name is Porcoline Tulle De Sainte-Coquille.
First Meeting (1) Lest Happy Hi. I'm <Player>.
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Neutral A pleasure to meet you, <Player>. Now then, allow moi to introduce myself again, in a sexier voice.
First Meeting (1) Porcoline Shy My name is Porcoline Tulle De Sainte-Coquille.
First Meeting (1) Lest Surprised ...Um, nice to meet you? (Wow, he's kinda weird.)
Regular Greeting

Gift Lines[edit]

Event Portrait Line
Favorite Gift
Loved Gift
Liked Gift
Neutral Gift
Disliked Gift
Hated Gift
Worst Gift
Favorite Birthday Gift
Loved Birthday Gift
Liked Birthday Gift
Neutral Birthday Gift
Disliked Birthday Gift
Hated Birthday Gift
Worst Birthday Gift
Too Many Gifts
Specific Gifts
Event Name Portrait Line
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Sad *GLUG* *GLUG*
Love Potion (1) Frey Surprised What? You're drinking it already?
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Happy AAAHHHH!
Love Potion (1) Porcoline Shy ...Marry moi.
Love Potion (1) Frey Happy No thank you.
Love Potion (2)

Festival Lines[edit]

Event Name Portrait Line
New Year's Day
Cooking Contest
Bean Toss Festival
Fishing Frenzy Festival
De-Fluffing Festival
Spring Harvest Festival
Beach Day
Turnip Festival
Big Catch Contest
Firefly Festival
Summer Harvest Festival
Eating Contest
Valentine's Day
Fish Variety Contest
Handicraft Contest
White Day
Autumn Harvest Festival
Turnip Flurry
Quiz Contest
Squid Catch Contest
Winter Harvest Festival
New Year's Eve

Family Lines[edit]

Progress Lines[edit]

Cooking Skill Progess
Event Name Portrait Line
Level Up
Eating Skill Progess
Event Name Portrait Line
Level Up

Adventure Lines[edit]

Type Portrait Line
Invite Rejected
Invite Accepted
No Room in Party
During Adventure
Return Home

Event Scripts[edit]


  • Porcoline's middle name is "Tulle".
  • In Rune Factory 5, Cecil mentions that Porcoline runs a guide that rates restaurants from around the world.



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