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This page is about Popuri from Harvest Moon: DS. For other uses, see Popuri (disambiguation).
Japanese Name: アリサ (Arisa)
Birthday: Summer 3
Residence: Your Farm on Sundays (after HM:FoMT connection)
Family: Mother (Out of Town)
Rick (Brother)
Favorite Gift(s): Omelet Rice


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]


Visits during the Chicken Festivals.


Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Line
Black Heart <Player>... Hello. Do you need something? I'm studying, so...
Purple Heart <Player>, you're lucky. If you have problems at the farm, you can ask Takakura. At our place, no one shows me how to run the business. My brother says "If you run things, nothing goods gonna' happen."
Blue Heart It's nice quiet on the farm. There's a farm next to us. There are lots of animals. I like this farm too. Somehow it feels nice here.
Green Heart Listen, <Player>. My brother says something unkind about everything I do. He could at least let me do some things as I like. Don't you think?
Yellow Heart Running a business is hard. Takakura is showing me how things are done, but still... But if I work hard, things will work out, right?
Orange Heart I'm gonna' give it my best! You think of me and respect me as a proper adult, right? It's just you, <Player>. That thinks of me that way. Thank you.
Red Heart Hello. ... I love this farm... And also... well it's that... It's...it's nothing...

Everyday Dialogue[edit]





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