Parsley (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland)

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This page is about Parsley from Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. For other uses, see Parsley (disambiguation).
Parsley's Photo
Japanese Name: バジル (Bajiru)
Birthday: Spring 16
Residence: Ronald's Supermarket
Favorite Gift: Plants, Herbal Tea


Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

This game does not include any way to keep track of affection levels. Lines will be listed generally in order from what they say at the beginning of the game, to what they say as they get to know you better.

Description Line
Introduction "Hi! Nice to meet you! The name's Parsley! I'm a Plant Hunger! My job is to look for plants and seeds."
Outside "Hi, how are you?"
"Hi, <Player Name>."
"What a great forest. The trees and flowers look beautiful."
"There are many rare plants in this forest. I wonder if it's because of the water?"
"I think "Balance" is very important in nature."
(Summer?) "Do you know what cranberries are? They're red and tangy, and very tasty."
"There are a lot of things for me to research, so my day goes by quickly. I think it's great to have something that keeps you occupied all the time."
In cafe "The tea here is delicious."
"I like it when someone always strives for the best."
"I don't like sweets too much, but I can have just a little."
In bar "Hi there, good evening."
"Hi, are you here to eat? Or are you here to drink?"
"Looks like you can only plant crops in certain places on your farm."
"Hi there, <Player Name>. It may not look like I do much, but I am writing up reports on plants and studying things."
"I only know how to make the "just add water" kind of food, since I'm always camping out. I know what I can eat in the wilderness, but I can't cook for the life of me."
"Lyla invites me to dinner sometimes, but I feel bad having her do so much for me. She's very nice, isn't she?"
Walking "Hi, you're looking busy."
"Hi, <Player Name>. I like to walk around and look at the plants."
Morning "Good morning, <Player Name>. Starting work already?"
Night "I think I'm going to turn in for the night. Let's talk tomorrow."
"I feel that I can sleep better after a hard day of work."
"I'm tired... I think I'm going to go to sleep. You should go home soon, too."
"I don't drink much, but a lot of people hang out at the bar at night."


Description Line
Raining "Good morning. The weather is not very good today."
"Good morning, my friend. The plants look happy today!"
Storming "Nature can be harsh. Sometimes it can take away everything. It can be frightening."
Mild season? "Your crops don't need as much attention during this time of the month."
Dry season "Things get very severe in the dry season. You can ruin your crops if you don't water them. Make sure you don't forget."

Gift Lines[edit]

Description Line
Give Medicinal Herb/Herb "Thanks. This plant contains a chemical that can relieve some of your fatigue."
Give Flower "Thanks, but I've already got enough information on this flower."
Give V. Berry/Blueberry "This is a treasure of the mountain. It's brilliant how Nature figured out that having tasty berries can help propagation."
Show Fodder (won't accept it) "It's made of organic grass, and the quality is fantastic! But I have no use for it."
Give Milk (also vegetables?) "Thank you, my friend! It's such an honor to be able to taste something that you've grown!"
Give Weed "Yeah, that's just ordinary grass."
Give too much "Thanks, but I can do without it."

Final Remarks[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Day time "Well, good luck!"
"You seem to be good at growing crops, my friend."
Night time "Good night! I'll see you tomorrow."
"Good night, my friend! I will see you tomorrow!"
"Good night, my friend! See you tomorrow!"

Event Related[edit]

Characters will generally repeat this line until they move on to a new area.

Description Line
After asking about Blue Mist flower "I've heard about the blue flower. I'm looking into it right now."