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This page is about Nancy from Rune Factory 4 Special. For other uses, see Nancy (disambiguation).
Nancy's Photo
Japanese Name: ナンシー (Nanshii)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Umeka Shouji (庄司 宇芽香)
NTSC.gif: Mela Lee
Birthday: Autumn 23
Residence: Tiny Bandage Clinic
Family: Jones (Husband)
Favorite Gift: Stew


Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Florist by Day, Sleuth by Night![edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Illuminata, Amber, Xiao Pai, Nancy
  • Description:

The Running Sign[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones, Kiel, Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur, Doug, Dylas
  • Description:

An Ephemeral Wish[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Clorica, Vishnal, Volkanon, Forte, Xiao Pai, Margaret, Blossom, Jones, Nancy
  • Description:

Where the Heart Is[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Forte, Kiel, Bado, Nancy, Jones, Vishnal, Clorica
  • Description:

The Language of Flowers[edit]

  • Location:
  • Participants: Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones
  • Description:



Preference Gift
Love Stew
Like Cheese | Cheesecake | Cheese Bread | Omelet | Omelet Rice | Risotto | Cheese Fondue | Pizza | Seafood Pizza | Doria | Seafood Pizza | Doria | Seafood Doria | Gratin | Seafood Gratin | Flan | Pumpkin Flan | Moondrop Grass | Ultra Moondrop Grass
Dislike Rainbow Trout | Lamp Squid | Lamp Squid Sashimi | Grilled Lamp Squid | Can | Rare Can | Boot | Scrap Iron | Weed | Withered Grass | Failed Dish | Disastrous Dish | Stone | Branch | Object X
Hate Rainbow Sashimi | Salted Rainbow Trout
Any gift not listed is neutral. [1]






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