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Nami's Photo
Japanese Name: ナミ (Nami)
Favorite Gift:


Quite possibly the smartest and most worldly of all Forget-Me-Not Valley bachelorettes, Nami (ナミ, Nami) won't readily fall for cute lines and fancy gifts. You need to listen carefully to win her heart. She lives upstairs in Ruby's inn and is only a traveler in town. If the player chooses not to marry her, she leaves town and will only return through a cutscene event.

Her diary is the blue notebook located on the desk in her room.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

GREETING "...What? Oh, good morning."
"Don't be so eager just to say hi."
"I'm staying here. What are you doing here?"
IN THE INN "You look like you have lots of free time, man."
"Not that there's anything wrong with that..."
SPRING "Everyone seems to get so much happier in the spring."
"I can't believe I stayed here the whole year... And I was going to leave much sooner."
SUMMER "Boy do I hate the summer heat..."
"Don't you have to work or something?"
FALL "A woman's heart is as unpredictable as the autumn weather in Forget-Me-Not Valley. You know want I mean?"
"The wind sure is brisk. If you don't take care, you can catch colds just as easily in fall, you know."
WINTER "I wonder what it feels like to sleep the whole winter."
"I wish I could ski in this valley..."

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]

If you give her something she likes: "I didn't say I wanted it, but hey, if you insist."
If you give her food: "...Me? Thanks."
If you give her a crop: "Thanks a lot. You're swell."
Show her your son: "I can't wait to watch him grow up."
Show her your son: "I bet he'll grow up to love farming."
Show her trick blue or gemsoil: "That looks great."
Show her food: "Did you make that?"
Show her crop: "Did you grow that? How great!"
Show her crop: "I might buy it if it's something I've never had before."
Show her wild plant: "Are those wild plants? I bet those are good to cook."
Show her wild plant: "Forget Valley has some unique plants, I hear."
Show her seed bag: "What kind of seed is that?"
Show her seed bag: "Is it going to grow into a big tree, or just a plant?"
Show her a fish: "You caught that yourself, did you? How great!"
Show her a fish: "I love to catch fish and eat it right then. Why are you carrying that one around?"
Show her a watering can: "I hope you aren't expecting me to water anything for you."
Show her a watering can: "Don't worry about me. I go to the Blue Bar when I get thirsty."
Show her an egg: "Shells of good eggs are hard, since they have so much nutrition in them. Neat, huh?"
Show her an egg: "Be careful not to give your chickens stress. I hate stress myself."
Show her fodder: "I wonder what you have in your rucksack..."
Show her fodder: "Can I look inside your rucksack sometime?"
Show her wool shears: "You use those for shearing sheep, don't you?"
Show her wool shears: "They look like you can use them for humans too."







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