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This page is about Murakumo from Rune Factory 5. For other uses, see Murakumo (disambiguation).
Murakumo's Photo
Japanese Name: むらくも (Murakumo)
Voiced By: Japan 武内駿輔 (Shunsuke Takeuchi)
North America TBA
Residence: Inn
Family: Misasagi (Older Sister)
Hina (Niece)
Favorite Gifts:
Hated Gifts:

Murakumo (むらくも, Murakumo) runs the Inn in Rigbarth. He might be rough around the edges personality-wise, but he's a very dynamic fellow who treats others with great hospitality. Despite his aforementioned roughness, he has a sense of humor. He's so determined to run a successful inn that he doesn't pay attention to when he may be overspending on services for the guests. When he first meets the protagonist, he asks them for their advice on revitalizing the inn.

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  • Murakumo's weapon preference is an axe. To use combo attack techniques with Murakumo, you must also use an axe.[1]
  • In the Rune Factory 5 Destined Person ♡ Diagnosis Quiz, Murakumo was compared to Dylas from Rune Factory 4/Special. If you're given him as a destined partner, the result reads: "The person of your dreams is Murakumo, who runs the only inn in Rigbarth. You will be moved by the way he tries hard to turn around his business that's in the red, all while serving his guests with all his heart. He gives a strong impression of being a family man, but when it comes to love, he is sometimes at a loss as what to do. If you can accept him for who he really is, you will be able to get closer to him. Choose a gift that is large, sturdy and easy to understand, and he will be delighted! Taking the initiative in earning his love will determine your success with him." The question featuring his chibi art is "Would you say that you hate to lose?"[2]


Introductory Trailer, aired November 16, 2020[3]


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