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Muffy's Photo
Japanese Name: ムームー (Muumuu)
Residence: Blue Bar
Favorite Gift:


Muffy (ムームー, Muumuu) is a villager of Forget-Me-Not Valley. At thirty years of age, she lives and works at Blue Bar as a waitress with her father-figure, Griffin.

Generally fun and flirty, Muffy is an outgoing person who used to work as a secretary in the city. She's often depressed about being single and can often be found on the beach crying.

Her diary can be found inside the colorful lamp at the bar and is accessible whenever the bar is open (after 10AM).

Events and Requirements[edit]

One Heart[edit]

  • Trigger: Leaving your house in the early evening
  • Description: Muffy gets attacked by your dog then worries about whether or not she annoyed Takakura.

Two Hearts[edit]

  • Trigger: Entering the bar in the early evening
  • Description: Muffy leaves and says she has broken some plates.

Three Hearts[edit]

  • Trigger: Leaving your house mid-afternoon
  • Description: Muffy talks about a wedding she just attended and how she was ridiculed for being a waitress. She then asks the player where he thinks she belongs.

Four Hearts[edit]

  • Trigger: Trying to sleep around 6:30
  • Description: Takakura arrives with Muffy, who is afraid someone is following her.

Muffy And Celia Talk[edit]

  • Description: Muffy and Celia The two discuss some personal issues.

Muffy Gets Dumped[edit]

  • Description: Muffy Dumped On the first of Spring (doesn't matter which year) Muffy will come to your house upset, saying that she's a pushover and that she's been dumped yet again.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Miscellaneous Dialogue[edit]




  • Dislikes: Downstream fish
  • Likes: Coins from the dig site, flowers, milk
  • Loves: Amorous (winter flower)




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