Misty Bloom Cave (Rune Factory 1)

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Misty Bloom Cave is the fifth accessible dungeon in Rune Factory 1. After defeating the boss in Gigant Mountain, speak to Godwin who will then request Raguna to till 100 squares of land in Gigant Mountain. Misty Bloom Cave is only accessible in Winter.

  • Season: Fall
  • Boss: Siren

Monsters and Ores[edit]

Entire Bestiary and Ore List.

Monster Treasure Value
High Orc Quality Cloth
Cheap Cloth
Sky Fish Water Crystal
Blue Crystal Seeds
Fish Fossil
Orc Hunter Arrowhead
Earth Crystal
Shira Water Crystal
Blue Crystal Seeds
Fish Fossil
Hitodama None
Shadow Panther Wolf Claws
Tech Bottle
Scorpian Scorpian Tail
Pretty Skin
Tricky Mush Poison Powder
Ore Rarity Value
Scrap Iron 4g
Water Crystal 160g
Gold 600g
Aquamarine 700g
Emerald 700g


A siren who attacks with water beams and songs. She can heal herself by 200hp and summon allies. A charged sword is recommended.