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Minna de Bokumono
Minna de Bokumono Logo
Minna de Bokumono (China) Logo
Minna de Bokumono (Indonesia) Logo
Minna de Bokumono (Thailand) Logo
Japanese Title: みんなで牧場物語 (Minna de Bokujou Monogatari)
Translation: Ranch Story with Everyone
Developer(s): Marvelous, ONE-UP
Publisher(s):,, Run-up Games, VT VTC Online,
Platform(s): PC
Release Dates: JPN.gif: 11/25/2010
HKFLAG.png: 6/4/2012
TWFLAG.png: 6/4/2012
SGFLAG.png: 6/4/2012
MYFLAG.png: 6/4/2012
MOFLAG.png: 6/4/2012
CNFLAG.png: 6/18/2012
IND.png: 6/29/2012
VNFLAG.png: 7/5/2012
THFLAG.png: 11/1/2012
Player(s): 1 (Online interaction available)
Online: Yes
JPN.gif End of service: 10/1/2012
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Web-browser, Facebook


Minna de Bokumono (lit. Ranch Story with Everyone), was a title developed by ONE-UP and Marvelous AQL that was published for web-browser and Facebook Games in 2010. Between 2010 and 2012, Minna de Bokumono opened services in various south Asian countries, and provided a Farmville-esque experience as a spin-off from the original series formula.

In the game, players controlled a limited farm space on an island inhabited by the Coloboccles (Harvest Sprites), Harvest Goddess, and other characters. The farm work and animal care-taking was managed by the Harvest Sprites who worked on an automated timer system. Fulfilling quests allowed players to add more Harvest Sprites to their game, as well as the characters Cyan and Scarlet.


  • Single-player gameplay, with optional multi-player features
  • An expanding farm that you can grow crops on, as well as raise animals with the help of the Harvest Sprites
  • Collaboration events featuring Bokujou Monogatari games and other affiliated organizations
  • In-App Purchases that allowed access to specialty items

Reception[edit] rated this game at 3.17 out of 5 stars. The review cited that the animals and music are cute and very similar to that of the past Bokujou Monogatari titles. One of the cons listed in the review states that while it was meant to be a relaxing game, the amount of time actions take can cause stress and impatience in some people.

Innovations to the series[edit]

This game implemented the Quest Tree system, a work-return principle system that gives players objectives to complete with the reward of special items, gold coins, and unlockable characters (such as extra Harvest Sprites, Cyan, and Scarlet). With each quest completed on the tree, more branches opened up that granted better rewards or limited items. Some quests were only able to be completed during collaboration events.


Characters introduced in this game[edit]

  • The Harvest Sprites
  • The Harvest Goddess (Gaia)
  • Scarlet
  • Cyan


  • Minna de Bokumono is referred to as『みんぼく』(Minboku) within the Japanese player community.

At a Glance[edit]

Service Information[edit]

First Closed Beta Test: 13:00 10/15/2010 - 23:00 10/17/2010
Second Closed Beta Test: 12:00 11/2/2010 - 14:00 11/3/2010
Service Closure: 10/1/2012

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