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Mining is a very important part of Sprite's station, with it you can upgrade tools, meet the princess, find very valuable items, and find lots of rare objects and animals.

Excavation Site[edit]

The Excavation Site handled by Carter and Flora. Inside of it you can find lots of items mostly favorable with the women of the town. All you need to find items is a hoe to till the soil with.

To unlock: there from the start of the game. Suggested equipment: Hoe. Items to be found: Beauty products, Sunburn protection, Broach, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Face mask.

First Mine[edit]

The first mine is unlocked by coming into the excavation site in the afternoon/evening. An event will occur where Carter wants you to use your hammer to break down a wall (which consequently opens up the mine). This mine isn't as hard as others but can be a challenge at first. It's made up just like the FoMT mines, full of rocks and stairways. You can use the hoe In this mine but its more useful to use the hammer. Unlike FoMT, you can fall down hidden cracks in the floors, sometimes skipping floors, which makes you loose stamina.

To unlock: Come in during afternoon/evening. Difficulty: Easy. Last floor: The last floor contains a cursed chick which will attack you, just smash it with your hammer. Floor levels: 10. Suggested equipment: Hoe, hammer. Items to be found: Ores, Copper, Silver, Gold, Mystrile, Black grass.

Second Mine[edit]

The first mine is unlocked same as the first, you come into the excavation site in the afternoon/evening then an event will occur again where Carter wants you to use your hammer to break down a wall (which consequently opens up the mine).

To unlock: Come in during afternoon/evening, and reach end of the first mine. Difficulty: Medium, beware all the cursed animals, also falling down many floors can greatly decrease your stamina, it's hard if you don't have right equipment. Last floor: Destroy all the wild animals and a room is opened up where the princess is, you are asked if you want to come near and she will hand you a magic sword. Floor levels: 255. Suggested equipment: Hoe, hammer, goddess hats, kappa hats, bodigizers, truth ring, white grass, black grass, sword. Tips: Check your stamina after you fall through many floors, if needed buy lots of bodigizers and drink one whenever you fall down. Items to be found: Jewels, Amethyst, Agate, Fluorite, Peridot, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pink diamond, Alexandrite, Sand Rose.

Third Mine[edit]


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