Minigames (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody)

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To enter the Pachi-Machi mini-game mode in SOH first Press start at the main menu and select the third option down.

Once selected the Mayor Theobold will ask you if you want to load data from a file. You can press yes and select one of your saves. Once you do so the Mayor will introduce you to Pachi-Machi.


You can press Y at any time in this menu to see the controls.


Behind him is a big white screen with the Mini-games you can play. Below is a list of the options you can choose from; for more information click the images.


  • Counting
  • Tilling
  • Fishing
  • Climbing
  • Horse Racing
  • Mining
  • Swimming

If you have no save file to choose from at the start, then it will just have the default mini games which are Counting and Land owning. The further progressed your save is, the more Mini-games you will have unlocked.

Once you choose your mini game you then will choose your character.


There are 4 total players in each Mini-game. The computer will take any players you haven't got a controller connected for. If you have not loaded from a save you will only be able to play as four different colors of the hero (blue, green, red, gold), four different colors of the heroine, and the rival. The further your save is progressed you can unlock the potential bachelors of the game as playable characters.

Once the game is started the mayor will explain the rules and controls to you.

This is except for Fishing (Which Leif judges) and Mining (Which Tim judges.)

Once you finish a mini-game It will display the winners!

Now you started playing enjoy it! Hook up lots of controllers and friends for more fun together.


The aim of this game is easy. First of all you are placed around an enclosure or pond full of animals. The mayor will mention what animal you are aiming for. And you basically guess the number of animals in the enclosure.

Since you don't want the other players to know what number you are aiming for it is all done on the controllers and doesn't appear on screen. On the controller just press x for every 10 and y for each 1. Then you just press A and your character will jump to the mayor and whisper your guess. There is also a timer timing down. As the game progresses it will get harder as there will be more and different types of animals in each enclosure.

This works just like any other land grab mini game. You and the other players have a mythril hoe and your job is to hoe down as much land as you can for yourself. Every land you grab becomes your color. But be wary as other characters can take your land from you! There are also 4 pesky monkeys which run around taking land from people.


Just press X to hoe down. This game is relatively easy against the computer; just charge up your hoe fully and you easily take lots of land. Also if you hit another player while they are charging up you will spoil their swing. There is a time limit.


This game is judged by leif so I'm afraid you cant play as him. In this game you are all equipped with a fishing rod and on a small stretch of land. On the right hand side is freshwater, and the left hand side contains sea water. The aim is to fish the best fish and show Leif it for him to judge. He will judge how many points they are worth but be careful as you may loose your catch if you drop it on the floor. While fishing you may catch cans and boots, being a good citizen you should put them in the recycle bin at the top (though you may loose some time as it is limited).

Puffer fish: 25 points (sea side)

Complete list of fish and points coming up soon.


This is the same mini-game as the one you have to go through to reach the mountain summit and in the blue feather rescue. Your aim is to reach the top first. It inst very hard if you do it properly. Now this IS a game where button mashing is really good, just go crazy pressing the A and you will win surely.

Beware strong gusts of wind that can move you around if you're not still, I advise you not to move while there is wind as you may get carried along. There are rocks and boulders falling from the top all the time so be careful because if they hit you they will knock you back down. Before a boulder falls into the screen there will be a small warning to show where it is falling from, you may unknowingly get carried by the wind and a rock may fall on you even if you weren't in the right location so STAND STILL when the wind is blowing.

This is a really addictive and fun game! Just like the old horse races it is very similar. You have a stamina bar and you can push the horse forward by pressing Y; be wary though, his stamina bar decreases as he runs normally so if you press it too much the horse may collapse from stamina-loss.

Horse Racing[edit]

The trick of the game is to avoid grass as it slows you down, and to pick up any items on the race track that you can. Most items help you out. Turnip: Raises stamina. Pontata root: Raises stamina.


Tim will first appear to introduce the game to you. You are each armed with a mythril hammer and your aim is to collect as much gems as possible. Smashing rocks may get you a gem but also may let out some harmful gasses. Different gems are worth different points, the one with most points at the end wins. Be careful as other players may hit you with their hammers and knock gems off you.

There are also holes in the floor which at times let out harmful gasses. There is a time limit but you can easily win by fully charging up your hammer.

  • Orange Gas: Temporary paralysis.
  • Pink Gas: Restores energy.
  • Purple Gas: Messes up your controls.
  • Red Gas: Limits your sight.
  • Yellow Gas: speeds up your character.


This is the same mini-game as the summer beach festival one. Your aim is to swim across the small patch of sea and reach all 4 colored balls floating in the water. It can get quite hard as there are different currents and whirlpools moving around trying to get you, which can take a lot of time from you. It is also quite hard to move as you need to coordinate your button mashing skills properly, mashing the A button wont get you anywhere. You need to take slow strokes and time it properly.

This game is quite hard as the computer is difficult but hitching a ride on the dolphin can sometimes help too. Beware time limit.