Mini Games (Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar)

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Mini Games and Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Grand Bazaar has several activities other than the usual farming and courting, which includes: Horse Racing, skateboarding, fishing, farming, buying and selling items at the Bazaar, snowboarding, and running around in the snow.


  • Horse Racing

  • Multiplayer:

    Using the connectivity features of the Nintendo DS, you can connect with friends to interact and play various Mini Games. With Wi-Fi, you can visit a friend's ranch! Up to four people can play simultaneously, and you can use the Chat feature to communicate.

    Skateboarding: Skateboarding is exactly like snowboarding, except it's done only in Spring, Summer and Fall.

    Fishing: It's a little self-explanatory, but enjoy casting your rod to catch fish with up to 4 other players!


    Buying and selling items at the Bazaar:

    Snow Boarding:

    You can snowboard whenever you feel like, not just in multiplayer. The mayor will bring you a snowboard for free in early winter (on the 7th?) and then you can take it to the 'board course' which is that little area above Agi's house that's got little slopes. You can investigate the sign to start a little mini game where you snow board down the hill. There are two courses.

    Running around in the snow: