Mikoto (Rune Factory Tides of Destiny)

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Header iconmini RFToD Mikoto.png Mikoto
Mikoto's Photo
Japanese Name: 命 (Mikoto)
Voice Actors: JPN.gif: Yū Kobayashi
NTSC.gif: Erika Lenhart
Birthday: Spring 1
Residence: Three Sisters Inn
Family: None Specified
Favorite Gift(s): Tempura Udon
Hated Gift(s): Knife Piece


A warrior who makes sure everyone in the island is safe and sound. Responsible and reliable. Often wondering what it means to be a warrior...

Mikoto (命, Mikoto) first confronts the protagonist when attempting to enter the Dragon Shrine. Wields a katana. She is usually found patrolling the island, looking for any intruders. Appears to be female, but upon meeting her, Sonja comments on Mikoto by saying "he". Seems to be training herself.


Events and Requirements[edit]

Level 5 to 6 Friendship Event: Reveals that Mikoto was a heir to a family of warriors. She was suppose to succeed the clan and has been diligently training herself to become worthy of her clan by training in the ways of the sword and academically. When she was 16 however, her brother was born and all signs shifted to point to him as the family heir. As she became overcome with jealously, she fled to Fenith Island where she meets the protagonists. Sonia remarks that she feels the two have become closer to Mikoto, but Aden can't help feel that something was missing. With careful observation, you realize Aden uses "He" instead of "She", possibly revealing that both heroes still do not realize Mikoto is actually, a girl.

Level 6 Friendship Event: If you chose to remain as Aden, you can view this next friendship event. While patrolling with island with Mikoto, it begins to rain and the two of you run over to the large tree next to the pond where you first started the game. Here, she offers you a colorful cloth to dry yourself before the two of you resume fleeing to the inn to change into dry clothes. After you change, you realize you should return the cloth and than decide to enter Mikoto's room. Here, both of you scream as you realize Mikoto was changing! Here you realize Mikoto was a girl along with the reasons why she left. In this event, she cuts her long hair and embraces her true self, a woman.

Friendship Event 7 to 8: In an effort to help Mikoto feel more like a woman, Aden takes her around Fenith on a date. Afterwards, Mikoto asks Aden to take her on a date again.

Friendship Event 8 to 9: While relaxing at the beach, Electra takes Mikoto and Aden to Mikoto's room, where the female candidates dress Mikoto up.

Friendship Event 9 to 10: Confession at the Dragon Shrine.



Preference Gift
Favorite Tempura Udon
Like Fried Fish, Roasted Fish
Dislike Knife Piece
Note: Mikoto has neutral feelings about all gifts not listed here.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]


  • In the North American release, the voice actress Erika Lenhart did the voice for both Anette and Mikoto.