Mikhail (Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns)

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Mikhail's Photo
Japanese Name: ミハイル (Mihairu)
Birthday: Fall 12
Favorite Gift: Boiled Tofu


Mikhail (ミハイル, Mihairu) is little bit sloppy but a warm-hearted young man. He has an adult-like composure about him, but there also seems to be a shadow around him. Basically he is really nice, though he hates it when you try to find out more about him.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Description Line
Introduction "I'm Mikhail. Nice to meet you. I'm staying at the town hall. If I'm not there, you can find me on the mountain. I'll see you at the Music Festival."
Morning "Good morning, <Player Name>. Your voice has a low tone today. Are you tired?"
"Good morning, <Player Name>. Your voice has a good tone today."
Afternoon "Hey, <Player Name>. Having a good day?"
Inside "I feel like I can write some good music today."
"When I'm writing music, I step outside once in a while to relieve stress."
"Hey, <Player Name>."
"If you listen quietly, you can hear music all around us."
Summit "I love this place. The view from here is incredible..."
Walking in Town "This is such a nice village. The people and nature are full of life..."
"I always hike up to the peak of the mountain when I have some free time. It's so much fun to walk along listening to nature's own music."
Walking on the Mountain "Listen closely... Can you hear the voices of the bugs and frogs? It's nature's harmony."


Description Line
Liked Birthday present "Could that possibly be... my birthday present...?! Thank you!! You know what one of my favorites is..."
Liked Present "What, a present? Thank you. It's quite nice!"
Neutral Present "A present for me? Ah, thank you."


Description Line
After the Music Festival "Did you enjoy today's music festival? I loved playing. I felt entirely in touch with the melody."




Liked: Casablanca Bouquet, Letter in a Bottle