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Melody's Photo
Japanese Name: メロディ (Merodi)
Birthday: Spring 11
Residence: Laga Springs
Favorite Gift: Relax Tea (Lvl 75 cooking; Pot Recipe: Relax Tea Leaves)


A girl who has devoted her life to hot springs and traveled the world in search of the perfect hot spring. She decides to settle in Trampoli when she finds a hot spring on Whale Island.[1]

Melody (メロディ, Merodi) was once on a journey around the world to enjoy the hot-springs and what they had to offer, but finally decided to start up her own in Trampoli. Many people have come to adore Melody, and many come from other places to enjoy her hot-springs. She doesn't remember her parents and is possibly unaware "at first" that her own grandfather/uncle is using her springs as well.


Inside the cave on Whale Island

How to Raise LP[edit]

Use the bath house (counts once a day)


Constellation Event[edit]

  • Hat (Fall Evening, around 8 PM)
  • Best time for event: Everyday 0-2 AM

Melody's Heart Events[edit]

Difficulty level: Easy

  • When Melody is at 2 LP, speak with her at her bath counter
  • Revisit the hot spring in Whale island and speak with the unexpected visitor, then bring him Ice cream as he requests
  • Once he's gone, return to Melody at her bathhouse and speak with her again
  • Once she's at 6 LP, talk to Nolan
  • Once Melody had finally reached 10 LP, visit the bathhouse.
  • Go back to the hot spring on Whale Island and come prepared for a battle (Albeit an extremely easy one)
  • Return to the bathhouse

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • Make sure that you also have befriended Roland if you want to marry her.
  • Melody likes her men clean, so try and take a bath everyday! It's cheap and it'll refill your HP/RP, too
  • Melody's favorites are Red, Yellow, and Orange grass which are pretty easy to come by both in and out of dungeons.
  • Relax Tea, which is Melody's favorite, isn't terribly hard to make, but you will need a high level of skill, the biggest kitchen, and a pot of any kind. You can buy 2 purple, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange, and 1 blue grass from Lara for not very much and scoot on home and make a whole bunch. Remember that Tea leaves aren't her favorite, the actual tea is.


Dialogue and Scripts[edit]


Help out with the survey, okay?[edit]

Thank you for your continued patronage at Laga Springs! I am writing to you today because I have a question for you. How is the temperature of the bath at Laga Springs? Hot? Cold? Perfect? I'll be waiting for your reply!

(Player's Reply Letter) It is just right.

Thank you for your participation![edit]

Thank you for participating in the survey. I'll be sure to take your suggestions into considerations for making a better bathhouse, so come again, okay?

Any medicinal herbs?[edit]

My hobby is concocting various medicine among other things. The thing is, I'm short on a crucial ingredient right now. If you have any Green Grass would you be willing to share some with me? Please?

Thanks for the Green Grass![edit]

Thanks for the Green Grass. It really helped out with my most recent concoction! By the way, do you happen to have any Red Grass on you? If you have any, may I have some?

I'm sorry to bother you again...[edit]

Thanks for the Red Grass. I'm sorry to ask you this, but this time could I have some White Grass? Please?


Thanks for the White Grass. I'm really really sorry to ask you again, but do you have any Black Grass? This will be the last one, I promise!

Thank you![edit]

Thanks for sending me a "Black Grass". <Player>, you are probably the only one that understands my research. I must thank you somehow for being so helpful all the time. Let's see... well, I'll think about this one. I may not come up with anything, though.


Favorite Gift: Relax Tea (Lvl 75 cooking; Pot Recipe: Relax Tea Leaves)

Likes: Red, yellow or orange colored grasses, Charm Blue flower

Dislikes: Mayonnaise



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