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This page is about Mayor from Harvest Moon. For other uses, see Mayor (disambiguation).
Mayor's Photo
Japanese Name: テオドール (Teodooru)
Residence: Mayor's House
Family: Wife, Maria


He is the Mayor of the town and hosts all the festivals. He is also the father of Maria.


Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

*Note: All spelling errors are made in game, not by the compiler.


Description Line
Introduction "Hi, How do you do? I'm the mayor of this town. It's a pleasure to meet you. There are some tools left in the shed that your grandfather used to use. And a book on how to use them, too."
Weekdays (Any Season) "Ask the florist for flowers and ask the livestock delaer for livestock. Better ask Mrs. Fortune-teller for girls."
"Hey, how's it going? Don't work too hard. Just take time."
Saturday (Any Season) "You are off today, aren't you? We can't keep it up all the time."
Sunday (Any Season) "Don't hang around. Listen to the priest."
Raining "People in town talk differently according to the weather, day, and season."
Festivals that include dancing "Can we start dancing now? If you haven't done all the thing you wanted to do, hurry up and do it right now."
(Let's dance) "Now pick up your partner."
Day before Hurricane "Good Lord, what's happening here? Hey, is your place alright?"
Day after Hurricane "Ah, Mr.<Player's Name>, is your field and meadow all right?"
Raining (Autumn) "Hi. It's getting colder when it rains. In winter, grass will freeze so you'd better weed them now."
Egg Festival "Now, the annual egg searching game in autumn! The rule is simple. The first person that finds the same colored egg as the one I show wins the game. May I begin now?"
(No) "If you have some more to do, hurry up."
(Yes) "Here we go! First on is this!"
"Yes, that's the same color. You get 1 point. Next is this one!"
"OK, the game is over. I'm announcing the winner. Everybody come here, please."
"The winner of this year's Egg Festival is Mr.<Player's Name>! Congratulations! I'll deliver the prize to your home. Now, everybody, let's do our best this year too!"
Snowing "The mountain top is a mysterious place. I recommend you plant a different seed over there when you get one."
Thanksgiving Festival "I love my wife's cake but my daughter's makes me so much happier."
Day before Star Night Festival "On the Star Night Festival you are supposed to pray for the night when you can see the most beautiful stars of the year."
Star Night Festival "Well, ladies and gentlemen. Let's pray for the stars."
Day before New Years Festival "This year is coming to a close."
Before Optional Festival "No one has to go to the festival but please join us tomorrow."
Letter from Father comes "Hello, Mr. .... I've got a notice from your father this morning. He says he will be back here by the end of summer next year. He's so worried about how you live her so make him feel at ease then."
Maria at 5 hearts "Ah, Mr.<Player Name> You want Maria...anyway, good luck."
Married to Maria "Is Maria doing OK? Let me know if you are in trouble."




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