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This page is about Mary from Harvest Moon: DS. For other uses, see Mary (disambiguation).
Mary's Photo
Japanese Name: マリヴィア (Marivia)
Birthday: Winter 20
Residence: Romana's Mansion on Mondays (after HM:FoMT connection)
Family: Father (Out of Town)
Mother (Out of Town)
Favorite Gift(s): Relaxation Tea


Mary (マリヴィア, Marivia) is an aspiring writer who visits Forget-Me-Not Valley on her days off. She's best friends with Lumina and Romana and uses their mansion as a vacation spot to work on her writing projects. When she's not visiting, she's back home in Mineral Town running the town's only library.

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Events and Requirements[edit]

Black Heart Event[edit]

  • Location: Romana's Mansion, Second Floor, Lumina's Room
  • Day/Time: Monday after 10AM
  • Weather: Any Weather
  • Responses: Animals; Crops; Nothing
  • Description: The Player enters Lumina's room and is greeted by Lumina and her friend. Lumina introduces him to her best friend, Mary. Mary visits from Mineral Town every Monday when Mineral Town's library is closed. Lumina mentions there's another farmer in Mary's town who farms, and Mary confirms this. Lumina adds the Player's farm has been around for a long time, which piques Mary's interest. She asks the Player what the specialty is on his farm. If the player selects Animals, Mary is happy to hear she can visit sometime to try the milk from your cows. Crops is the preferred answer, when the Player finds Mary's family has worked with plants for generations and she's happy to hear she can visit to see your plants. If you select Nothing, you'll find both Lumina and Mary are disappointed in your laziness.
  • Full Scene Script

Purple Heart Event[edit]

  • Location: Your Farm, in your Mushroom Shed
  • Day/Time: Monday after 10AM
  • Weather: Any Weather
  • Responses: Sure; No
  • Description: Mary surprises the Player when he goes to tend his mushrooms. She expresses interest in how the mushrooms grow, and asks if she can take a closer look around the shed. If the Player selects Sure, she'll inspect the mushrooms, mumble some of her discoveries, and then thank you before she leaves. She tells you she's going to ask Gotz to build a mushroom shed for her back in Mineral Town. If No is selected, Mary is quite upset with you and apologizes for bothering you.
  • Full Scene Script

Blue Heart Event[edit]

  • Location: Your Farm, right before you harvest a Giant Crop
  • Day/Time: Monday morning
  • Weather: Sunny Weather
  • Responses: I'm sorry but...; Sure
  • Description: Just as the Player is about to harvest a giant crop, Mary arrives at the scene and asks him if she can help. With a bit of effort, you both accomplish in harvesting the crop. Growing somber, Mary delivers a sincere request to the Player to take the Giant Crop you just harvested back to the Villa to study. If you say Sure, she asks for your help to carry it to the Villa and then thanks you profusely for all the help today. Selecting I'm sorry but... will lead to Mary realizing she may have been selfish to request a crop you grew, and she'll help you carry it home and then she will leave.
  • Full Scene Script

Yellow Heart Event[edit]

  • Location: Excavation Site
  • Day/Time: Monday after 10AM
  • Weather: Sunny Weather
  • Responses: No.; Of course yes!
  • Description: When the Player visits the Excavation Site, he finds Mary has followed him inside. She straightforwardly tells you that she's writing a novel and wants to gather authentic information about excavation sites for her story. If you say Of course yes!, she happily watches you dig and will even tell you when you've made a discovery. You happily hand over the coin you find to Mary, which both surprises her and pleases her. Mary says she has her research, and then heads home. If No. is selected, Mary becomes exasperated with your dismissive response and says she can't count on you, and next time she'll ask Carter for assistance.
  • Full Scene Script


You can propose to Mary if you meet the following requirements:

  • If you have 60,000 Affection Points with Mary,
  • If you've seen her Black, Purple, Blue and Yellow Heart Events,
  • If it's a Monday and Mary is in Romana's Mansion.
  • Full Scene Script


Visits the mansion on Mondays (after FoMT:FG connection)


Everyday Dialogue[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Heart Color Portrait Line
Black Heart Everyday I work in the library in Mineral Town. And, I write books too. Mondays the library's closed, that's why I'm visiting.
Purple Heart Hello <Player>. So there's no library in the Valley, is there. How lonely.
Blue Heart The plants in the Valley are similar to the plants in Mineral Town. It might be interesting to research. Let's try it.
Green Heart This Villa is fantastic. When I first came here, I got lost.
Yellow Heart What do I do in the morning? Oh, I live upstairs. You know the locked room? I'm writing a book in there. It's quiet good for writing.
Orange Heart Hey <Player>. You're over for a visit. I'm very grateful to Romana. She's financing my book.
Red Heart O... oh... <Player>. When I try to write my book, your face appears in my mind. I wonder why...

Gift Related[edit]

Type Portrait Line
Favorite Gift Blushing Thank you!! It's Relaxation Tea. When I drink this I become happy.
Loved Gift Happy Yeah, thank you! I'm very happy.
Liked Gift Happy I like this. Thank you.
Neutral Gift Everyday Thank you.
Disliked Gift Thinking Thanks for giving it to me... But I don't like it.
Hated Gift Sad I'm sorry. I'll give it to someone later.
Worst Gift Angry Oh... Buckwheat Chips... I hate these the most!


Black Heart Event[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Everyday Lumina Hello, <Player>. I think you've met her before, but let me introduce you again.
Happy Lumina This is my best friend, Mary. She writes novels.
Happy Mary Hello, I'm Mary. It's good to meet you again.
Everyday Lumina This is <Player>. He runs a farm. Oh, there is someone who runs a farm in your town too, right?
Everyday Mary Right. That family has been in farming for generations. Their goods are traded at a high price and are popular.
Happy Lumina Wow, that's wonderful. <Player>'s farm has been around for a while, too.
Happy Mary Really? Is that so.
Everyday Mary <Player>, what is the specialty on your farm?
Everyday Choices > Animals
> Crops
> Nothing
Player Picks > Animals
Everyday Mary Your specialty is animals. And you get milk from cows, right?
Happy Mary I'd like to taste it. Can I come over sometime? Wow, thank you.
Happy Lumina Animals, they're so cute. I understand your enthusiasm.
Everyday Mary Animals, they're so cute. That's why they should be raised with love.
Player Picks > Crops
Everyday Mary Your specialty is crops. My family has been working with plants for generations. Even in my novels I write about plants as a theme sometimes. It's really interesting. Can I come look sometime?
Happy Mary Wow, thank you.
Everyday Lumina The crops that <Player> grew look delicious.
Happy Mary I have samples of many crops at my house. I've seen them since I was little, so I love crops.
Player Picks > Nothing
Sad Mary ...............If you don't work properly you can't make a life...
Sad Lumina I thought you were working hard, <Player>.
Sad Lumina To find that you are lazy, it's a shock...
Sad Mary Oh, you're an adult now. You have to work!

Purple Heart Event[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Everyday Mary Hello...!! <Player>, I have a favor to ask you today. I'd like you to show me your mushroom shed.
Happy Mary We don't have such a facility in my town, so it's rare. But that means that you can grow mushrooms, right? Please, I'd like to see it.
Everyday Choices > Sure
> No
Player Picks > Sure
Everyday Mary Thank you. Well, then let me just look around.
Thinking Mary hmm...... Interesting .........
Everyday Mary I wonder how this is put together.
Thinking Mary And it's even quite humid...
Happy Mary Ah, there's some artificial way to set it up. That's amazing. Thank you so much. I'm going to ask Gotz if he can make one at my house.
Everyday Mary See you.
Player Picks > No
Angry Mary Really! Sorry to have bothered you. Good bye.

Blue Heart Event[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Everyday Mary <Player>, you're going to harvest that?
Happy Mary Won't you let me help? We can harvest together. You'll let me harvest? Yippee!! Okay, let's do it!!
Thinking Mary I can't do it well... I have to try harder. Phew... Phew... Even harder.
Happy Mary Just a little more! Heave ho, heave ho. I did it! I gathered it up!!
Everyday Mary <Player>, I have a favor...
Happy Mary I'd like to study this crop.
Thinking Mary If you can grow such huge crops as this one, it could really help countries with food shortages.
Happy Mary Please. May I have this crop?
Everyday Choices > I'm sorry but...
> Sure.
Player Picks > I'm sorry but...
Sad Mary Of course... I'm sorry. That was selfish of me.
Everyday Mary You can't carry that alone. Let's carry it to the farm.
Thinking Mary Oh, that was heavy.
Sad Mary I'm tired, I'll head home now. See you...
Everyday Mary See you.
Player Picks > Sure.
Happy Mary That's <Player>, you're so generous.
Everyday Mary Oh, I can't carry this alone. Let's carry it to the villa.
Happy Mary Thanks for carrying it all the way inside.
Everyday Mary I'll really study hard. Thank you so much for today.

Yellow Heart Event[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Everyday Mary <Player>, are you here?
Thinking Mary The truth is... I'm writing a novel and I thought I'd make the setting an excavation of ruins. I want to gather information at a real excavation site. is that okay?
Everyday Choices > No.
> Of course yes!
Player Picks > No.
Angry Mary I get it. I thought I'd write it, but I can't count on you! Next time I'll ask Carter!!
Player Picks > Of course yes!
Happy Mary Yippee ♪ Well, let's do it right away. Huh, I see... That's how you excavate.
Everyday Mary Oh, wait! You found something. What? You're giving it to me?
Blushing Mary Oh..., thank you. I'll take good care of it.
Happy Mary I've got my research so I'm going to go home. See you again.

Proposal & Wedding[edit]

Portrait Character Line
Blushing Mary What... ! Let's go somewhere else.
You go to Your Farm
Happy Mary This is just fine. You have something to say?
Thinking Mary Marriage, right. When I was writing a novel, I just couldn't imagine the setting for a wedding.
Blushing Mary It will be a good experience. It's fine with me.
Everyday Mary I'll go tell my mom and dad. Oh, I'll go alone. Don't worry, they won't oppose our marriage.
One week later......
Everyday Thomas It is my honor to preside over this wedding. And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?
Blushing Mary Yes, I do.
Happy Thomas Wonderful!
Everyday Thomas And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Mary as long as you shall live?
Blushing Mary We'll be happy♡
Happy Thomas I now pronounce you married.
Everyday Harvest Goddess (<Player>. <Player>.)
Happy Harvest Goddess (Tadaaaaaaaaaaa. Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells.)




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