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Affection Points[edit]

Each girl has a level of affection for the protagonist that is a value of 0-999 (0 at the beginning of the game). You can raise your affection level by talking, giving gifts or choosing your favorite candidate to dance with at events. You can gauge the level of affection you have by checking your candidate's diary, which is in their bedroom.

Hearts Affection Points
1 0-49
2 50-119
3 120-199
4 200-249
5 250-299
6 300-399
7 400-499
8 500-599
9 600-799
10 800-999


If you want to get married you must have seen the event with the girl you like and she must have 5 hearts in her diary. On Sunday go to town and the wandering peddler will be there and he will sell you the blue feather. On a nice sunny Saturday go to your shed and equip the feather (it works like a tool) and give it to the girl you like. You must have at least the first house extension and she might refuse a few times but keep showing it to her and she will give in and accept. The next day you will get married and she will move in your home. [edit]


To have children you must have the second house expansion. In the game you can have multiple children. The sex of your child is totally random and if you want a child your wife must love you lots, you must talk to him/her everyday as much as you can and give him/her at least two presents a day.

One day your wife will have a child and it sleeps in the cradle, then it grows up and crawls around, and then it finally stands up and wears a little cow dress your wife makes.

You can have 2 children (three, if you marry very early).


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