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This page is about Maria from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. For other uses, see Maria (disambiguation).
Maria's Photo
Japanese Name: マリア (Maria)
Birthday: Winter 5
Family: Theodore (father)
Favorite Gift:
Rival: Ray


Mayor Theodore's daughter runs the library. She's well-read and gives all discussions serious thought.

Events and Requirements[edit]

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Heart Lines[edit]

Description Line
Zero Hearts "It will probably be difficult alone, but please do your best."
One Heart "In the old times there were more people in this village and it was a vibrant place to live."
Two Hearts "It's a lonely thing when people leave and festivals are no longer held. It would be great if the village bustled with people."
Three Hearts "Why are people unsatisfied unless they are trying to gain an advantage by improving their appearance or by looking down on others?"
Four Hearts "In old times when the Harvest Goddess was here, I hear there were not many disasters. People must have been nice to each other."
Five Hearts "If everyone could be sincere and kind towards people, I think there would no longer be things like war in the world."
Six Hearts "My father gave his all for the sake of the village and I respect him. I hope there is some way that I can be of help."
Seven Hearts "There are various kinds of lies. There are lies told not to hurt people, it's a difficult thing."
Eight Hearts "<Player Name>, do you have someone you love? I know someone who I respect. But I don't know if it's love."
Nine/Ten Hearts "I don't really understand myself these days. When you truly love a person, all kinds of feelings swirl about."


Description Line
Morning "Good morning."
Afternoon "Hello."
Evening "Good evening."
Farewell "Now then, good day."

Weather Lines[edit]

Description Line
Rainy "It’s a rain of blessing. We must thank the heavens..."

Miscellaneous Lines[edit]

Description Line




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