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This page is about Maria from Harvest Moon: GB. For other uses, see Maria (disambiguation).
Maria's Photo
Japanese Name: マリア (Maria)
Residence: Church


She is the local priest at the Church. She will let you pray and tell you your fortune. The more you pray the better your fortune.

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

All grammatical errors reflect in-game appearance.

Church Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Entering the church Good Afternoon <Player>.
How can I help you today?
Praying You really have a righteous heart and soul. Please come in and join the service.
Some day your prayers will be heard by the Harvest Goddess.
Asking for a fortune Would you like me to tell you your fortune? I am happy to do it. <Player>, your fortune today is....
Great fortune Your fortune looks great!
I feel something good will happen to you.
Normal fortune Your fortune looks normal.
I hope everything stays the same for you.
Bad fortune Your fortune doesn't look good I hope something good will happen for you tomorrow.
Leaving the church Wishing you good luck and good fortune.

Event Dialogue[edit]

Event Dialogue
Beginning the Picnic Hello <Player>.
I hope you weren't too busy.
Let's go on the picnic...
The Picnic The weather is nice today.
I was looking forward to having a picnic!


8AM-6PM: The Church