Map (Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar)

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  • Red dashes are ways to get from one area to another.
  • For foraging locations visit Foraging
  • For fishing locations visit Fishing

Area 1[edit]

  • Your farm house
  • Your field, pasture and chicken pen
  • The First Windmill

Area 2[edit]

  • The Bazaar

Area 3[edit]

  • Horse Race Track

Area 4[edit]

  • Waterfall, Kagetsu's Cave
  • Royd's House
  • Third Windmill
  • Area with rocks that hold gems (accessible in winter only)

Area 5[edit]

  • The Town
  • Felix's House
  • Crea's House and Nerine's House
  • Cafe, Freja's House, and Juri's House/Dirka's House
  • Mucho's Shop, Enju's House

Area 6[edit]

  • Second Windmill
  • Angelo's House
  • The Hotel