Lulukoko Background Characters (Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns)

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These characters are commonly referred to as "faceless characters", as they exist but have no character portraits when spoken to. The "faceless" have distinct models which are shared between each of them. However, each of them have unique dialogue and even stories which connect them to other "faceless" and main characters.

The list below is all of Lulukoko's background characters.



Huemac is a boatman who transports people to and from different islands for a living. His lines are references to the Amazon jungle and places within it.
In the Japanese version, Huemac is referred to as Amazo (アマゾ).

Boats are fascinating, don't you think?
Someday you should visit my hometown!
*yawn* Maybe I should rest for a bit.
I spend so much of my time on a boat that it kind of seems weird to be on land.
I'm just taking a little break. I should probably take it easy for a while.
I'm a boatman. I help transport people between islands and the mainland. It's an important job.
The best way to get to my hometown is by boat. It's a big place, full of lush plants. I think you'd like it.
My father spent a long time building a man-made lake next to our house. It's pretty amazing when you think about it!
It rains a lot in my hometown. When it's really pouring, the boats can't go out, and I can't do my job.



Andes visits Lulukoko each week for shopping. She LOVES potatoes. Potatoes are incredibly important, you know? Her lines (and name) are a reference to the Andes mountains and surrounding areas.
In the Japanese version, Andes is spelled アンデス.

Potato, potato, potato! I love potatoes!
What's your favorite potato dish?
I could really go for potato salad right now.
Potatoes are the greatest! You can boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew...! Though when I ate one raw, I got sick...
This line is an added Lord of the Rings reference.
Why, oh, why, does this shop not offer potatoes? Every time I come here, I preach the good word of the potato and ask them to cook some for me, but to no avail...
The food here is delicious! But...why don't they serve anything made with potatoes? With cooking skills like this, they could make the greatest potato dish ever...! I have no choice! I'm gonna try suggesting that they make potato dishes one more time!
My dream is to eat every kind of potato dish the world has to offer! When I think about how many potato dishes there must be that I've still never tasted... Oops. I'm drooling.
Huh? What would I do if there were no more potatoes...? What kind of crazy talk is that? Even if civilization was wiped from the world, potatoes will last forever!
Did you know that Machu and I are neighbors? Well, the mountains we live on are next to each other, anyway. We're still more than a day apart!



Angie is from a family of treasure hunters. Like her relatives before her, she came to Lulukoko seeking adventure and is particularly excited about the ruins in town. Her character concept is a reference to Lara Croft from the 2001 Tomb Raider movie, portrayed by Angelina Jolie.
In the Japanese version, Angie is spelled アンジー.

Today's the day I'll find hidden treasure!  
I am so close to solving this mystery.
Mystery! Treasure! Aren't you excited?!
If you need information, the best sources are inns and places to eat. That seems to be true everywhere in the world.
I don't stay in this town often. I own a villa nearby, so I only stay here when it's too late to go home.
That's right, I'm a treasure hunter. Raiding tombs and finding lost treasures is my specialty.
Exploring ruins takes a lot of stamina. That's why training and exercise are extremely important.
I come from a long line of treasure hunters, but my father might be the greatest of all. He's my hero, really.
We're not nobles or anything, but my family owns quite a large mansion. It has a garden, a pool, and even butlers.



Mazatl is a man with more money than he needs. He recently received a revelation from the Spirits, telling him to construct a floating island. His lines and name refer to Mazatlán, Mexico. Mazatlán is a region that was inhabited by the Aztecs, and the people used floating islands to cultivate crops.[1]
In the Japanese version, Mazatl is referred to as Azteca (アステカ).

Could an island ever float in the air? Hmmm...  
A floating island... Got any ideas?
If I got it floating, how would I steer...?
I can buy almost anything, but I still can't think of a way to create a man-made floating island.
Sure, I'm rich, but I'd never buy up all the supplies and hoard them for myself. Who would do such a thing?
When I'm done here, I'll be off to buy some cacao. It's delicious.
In my dreams, I received a message. "Build an island that floats," a voice said. do you build an island??
There's currently no way to make an island float. As a test, I tried floating in the ocean myself, but...I'm like a rock in the water. Instead of floating in the ocean, I nearly floated into the heavens, ha ha!
I'm constantly thinking about this task given to me by the spirits, but I'm getting nowhere. Maybe it's simply a lesson to teach me that there are things that even money can't buy.



Chaha is an older gentleman who's a regular visitor of the Carasello cafe. He has a slight fixation on the twins... His name is a reference to the Chaha language of Ethiopia.[2]
In the Japanese version, Chaha is spelled チャハ.

Visitors love the beach cafe, huh?  
It's no surprise the cafe is so popular!
Siluka sure is cute, isn't she?
Which twin is prettier? I kinda prefer Iluka.
I'm gonna visit the cafe later. It's part of my daily routine.
Yeah... Every time I see the twins, I come to the same conclusion. They're so cuuuute! ♥
I eat here practically every day. I'm what you'd call a regular!
I always look forward to seeing the twins. ♥
Who's your favorite: Iluka or Siluka? I've been trying to make up my mind for years!
Iluka's a beauty with sharp edges. Siluka's sweeter but just as cute. Hmmm. I just can't decide! ♥



Kalea is one half of a lovey-dovey duo. She's a native of Lulukoko, but she travels to and from the other two towns. Everything she does is with her significant other (Huayna) in mind. Her name is Hawaiian for both "flower wreath" and "the Beloved".[3] Together, Kalea and Huayna are references to young love.
In the Japanese version, Kalea is referred to as Clan (クラン).

Just me and Huayna... It's a perfect date! ♥
Oh, were you talking to me?
Huayna and I will be together forever!
Oh, Huayna! You're all I can think about!
You'll be mine forever, Huayna. ♥
I love to feed fruit to my boyfriend. It's so romantic!
Ahhhh... I'd really like some fruit right now. ♥
The fruit tastes even better when Huayna's feeding it to me. ♥
(While visiting the Crossroads) Huayna's my darling! ♥ Let's go out together today.
(While visiting Westown) Wow! It's amazing how different the flowers are just on the other side of the mountains!
(While visiting Westown) I love flowers. I can't wait to see what kinds grow in this town.
(While visiting Westown) There are beautiful flowers everywhere!! It makes me so happy!
(While visiting Tsuyukusa) My skin feels so nice after a good, hot bath...After a few more visits here, my skin will be so perfect that Huayna won't be able to control himself.
(While visiting Tsuyukusa) Hee hee, I love the baths of this town... They make my skin all silky smooth!



Keone is the owner of the fruit store, Santo de Mango. He's good friends with Siluka, and sometimes give her extra fruit for no charge. His name is Hawaiian for "God's Gracious Gift"[4]. The shop name of Santo de Mango can be translated as "Saint of Mangoes".
In the Japanese version, Keone is referred to as Cocopaya (ココパヤ).

Komo mai! Welcome to Santo de Mango!
Fruit's an important part of a healthy diet!
Ah! It's so nice living near the ocean!
Fruit is one of nature's greatest gifts.
Don't you think my name is perfect for a fruit vendor? It's like I was born to do this job!
If I ever start to feel tired at work, I just have to smell the fruit around me and suddenly I feel refreshed.
Fruit is sweet and delicious and it makes people happy. You should buy some!



Fetu is the owner of the store Jambalaya. He enjoys the nearby ruins and goes fishing as a hobby. He's also an admirer of Caolila. His name's origin is Pacific Islander, and means "God of the Night" and "Star"[5]. In Polynesian culture, the stars are used to navigate fishing expeditions.[6]
In the Japanese version, Fetu is referred to as Fundy (ファンディ).

Jambalaya's a good name for a shop, right?
I buy stuff too, you know!
The store's open mornings and evenings.
Caolila's so beautiful! Zahau is lucky, eh?
When there aren't any customers around, sometimes I like to admire the ruins.
I like fishing. One of the reasons I set up shop around here is because of the good fishing spots nearby!
Sales were solid today, plus I caught a few fish! It was a good day!



Hoala works for the Part Time Job agency's branch in Lulukoko. He maintains a positive and cheerful attitude in regards to work, and enjoys getting others to do jobs. Sometimes, though, he'll complain about standing for the entirety of his shifts. Hoala's name is a Hawaiian word meaning "incite to action"[7].
In the Japanese version, Hoala is spelled ホアラ (or 仲介人/Agency Worker).

There are no bad jobs. Just bad attitudes!
Don't worry! I'll find you a job you'll like!
Ready to work hard? Ha ha! I know you will!
Interested in earning a little extra cash?
I like hooking folks up with part-time work. If you need a job, leave it to me!
Are you looking for work? I've got lots of fun jobs!
Ah! My legs are sore from standing all day. I'm ready to go home.
E komo mai! Welcome to the Part-Time Job Agency!
Sorry, we're still setting up.
(Incomplete Job Timer) Try to finish all the jobs you accept, otherwise I'll look bad too, yeah?
(Failing a PTJ) ...Hey, make sure you do your job properly. I'm the one who's gonna get in trouble if you don't.
(When the bag is full) Okay! So, today I need you to...Oops! I guess your bag is full, huh? Geez, what do you have in there? Can you make a little space?
(Selecting a PTJ) Which part-time job do you want?
(When you can't accept more PTJs) Don't you think you have enough jobs for now? Finish one up and then I can give you another, yeah?
(PTJ received 1) Okay, you're all set! You can start at any time!
(PTJ received 2) Okay, you're all set! If there's anything you don't understand, just check your part-time job notebook.
(Conversation End, PTJ(s) selected) If you ever need work again, let me know, yeah?



Huayna is one half of a lovey-dovey duo. He's a native of Lulukoko, but he travels to and from the other two towns. Everything he does is with his significant other (Kalea) in mind. His name is Native American for "youthful"[8]. Together, Huayna and Kalea are references to young love.
In the Japanese version, Huayna is spelled ワイナ.

Sorry, I'm a bit busy now...
Kalea is, like, my goddess, you know?
Isn't Kalea the most gorgeous thing ever?
Anything for you, Kalea, my sweet!
The fruit in this town tastes so good!
The aroma of fresh fruit is so sweet and beautiful...just like my Kalea.
No matter how much fruit I eat here, I never get full. It's almost like magic!
(While visiting the Crossroads) Going out with Kalea is so much fun.
(While visiting Westown) The flowers in this town are nice, but none of them are as pretty as my Kalea.
(While visiting Westown) The hibiscus looks great on Kalea, but the other flowers from this town would look good too! What do you think?
(While visiting Tsuyukusa) Ah... If only the baths were mixed...Ha ha! Did I say that out loud?!
(While visiting Tsuyukusa) Baths feel great, but it's tough being apart from my girlfriend for so long...



Indy is a professor of archaeology visiting Lulukoko to survey the nearby ruins. On the side, he seems to be a treasure hunter. His character is, quite clearly, a parody of Indiana Jones.
In the Japanese version, Indy is spelled インディ.

Hey. What brings you here?
Think there's an idol in the ruins...?
I'm just here for fortune and glory, kid.
Is that a SNAAAAKE?! Phew! It's just a whip.
I'm a professor of archaeology. I came to this town because I heard it has some mysterious ruins.
You can't go exploring ruins on an empty stomach. A good meal is the first step to any adventure!
This town has more than good food. I overheard some useful information too. I'm glad I stopped by.
I...hate...snakes. When I was a kid, I found this treasure, but then... Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.
The ruins here were build thousands of years ago. Originally they were used as some sort of temple, apparently.
You're asking why a professor like me is going out of his way to investigate ruins first hand? Professors don't just hang around and do research in libraries all day. You won't find any hidden secrets there. If you want to be a good archaeologist, you've gotta get out of the library!



Jolyne is a marine biologist studying the marine ecosystem of Lulukoko. Her name and lines are most likely references to Jolyne Cujoh[9] and the Stone Ocean arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which debuted in 1999.
In the Japanese version, Jolyne is spelled ジョリーン.

Hi there!
The ocean really is mysterious, huh?
I get pretty obsessed with research sometimes.
The ocean's so beautiful. Do you like it too?
I'm researching sea creatures of the world right now. The ones in this area are especially interesting!
Today's research findings were amazing! I'll have to write up a big report when I get home, but... I mean... Wow!
I feel like I've barely begun my research here. There's still so much that I want to investigate!
Every coastal region is home to its own unique creatures. On the other hand, some creatures live almost everywhere!
Hmm... I still need to check the tide pools, then arrange a coastal expedition... There's just so much to do!
If you spot any rare or unusual creatures on the beach, please let me know, okay?



Kaua likes to remind you to take things easy and not work too hard! Overexerting yourself is the last thing he'll encourage you to do. His name is a reference to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i, known as "one of the wettest spots on earth"[10].
In the Japanese version, Kaua is spelled カウア.

Some juice would be so refreshing right now.
I wish the cafe was open every day.
Remember to relax! You can always work later!
Whew! It sure gets hot around here! If you start sweating, make sure you drink something to stay hydrated!
If you run out of stamina you'll collapse and wind up in the hospital. So don't push yourself too hard, you know?



Kiska is a bit of a door mat when it comes to his wife. He comes to Lulukoko to do grocery shopping in her stead, and tends to get an earful if he messes anything up. Kiska's name is shared with the Kiska Volcano housed in the Aleutian Islands[11].
In the Japanese version, Kiska is spelled キサカ.

Oh, hi there.
Oops, where'd I put the grocery list?
My wife asked me to pick up food today.
My wife can be pretty bossy, y'know?
If I don't buy exactly the right things then my wife will yell at me. She can be kind of scary sometimes...
Let's see... I'll buy one of these, and one of these... Hmm, do we need any more of this...?
I always bring a shopping list with me so that I don't forget to buy anything.
I came here on my wife's orders to pick up some things for home.
I got everything I was supposed to, right? Right?
I have to finish the shopping quickly and get home or my wife will really let me have it.



Kumu is a beekeeper that lives in Lulukoko. He encourages the player to practice beekeeping and provides general trivia about bees themselves. His name is an alternate spelling of the Vei word Kúmu meaning "bee", not the Hawaiian word Kumu meaning "teacher". The Vei language is a regional language of Grand Cape Mount, Liberia in Africa [12].
In the Japanese version, Kumu is spelled クム.

Can I "bee" of assistance to you?
Yep, I'm a beekeeper by trade.
Isn't honey great? It's my specialty!
Bees aren't scary once you get to know 'em!
When it rains, bees can't fly around to do their work. That means it'll take longer for them to make their honey.
Have you done much beekeeping? The kind of honey you get is different depending on what kind of flower you use.



Lini is a kind lady who gives the player advice about feeding wild animals and keeping the bag space open. Her name is Hawaiian for "softest ray of light"[13].
In the Japanese version, Lini is spelled リニ.

Hello, hello, hello!
Did you know there's a jungle nearby?
If you listen, you can hear wild animals...
Keep your bag organized. That's my advice.
Have you tried offering items to wild animals? They'll appreciate it, really!
Remember, if your bag is full, you can't put any more items in it, so be sure to leave some space, okay?



Luana, like Chaha, has a bit of a fascination with someone more than half her age. That someone being Ludus. She can spend hours outside of his shop, wistfully pining for days long past...Her name is Hawaiian for "enjoyment"[14].
In the Japanese version, Luana is spelled ルアナ.

Aloha! Where are you headed?
I've got more energy than girls half my age.
Ludus is such a handsome fellow!
Ludus is so handsome... ♥ Staring at him reminds me of my youth...
I wish my husband were more of a gentleman. Maybe Ludus could give him a few pointers.
Not to say anything bad about my husband, but Ludus has him beat in the looks department!
Ludus sure is easy on the eyes. My husband was like that too, back in the day.
I frequently stop by here just to watch Ludus. The truth is he looks a lot like my husband when he was younger.
Believe it or not, my husband looked a lot like Ludus when he was younger. All the girls were crazy about him! I know. It's hard to imagine now, huh?



Machu is a shy, but nice guy to talk to if you get a chance to do so! He tries to get some shopping done with what little money he has, but he primarily comes to Lulukoko to be around people. Machu gets a bit lonely back in his hometown. His name is a reference to Machu Picchu and things relating to the surrounding area.
In the Japanese version, Machu is spelled マチュ.

Oh, hello there.
H-Hi. Do you have time to talk?
It's a pretty busy day, isn't it?  
Are you doing well? G-Glad to hear it!
I have an alpaca at home to keep me company. He's kind of old though, so I'm a little worried about his health.
I can't do much shopping since I don't have a lot of money, but...Going to the store gives me a chance to talk with people. Making new friends is better than being able to buy stuff!
I live at the top of a nearby mountain, but there aren't any other people there. It can get a bit lonely. That's one of the reasons I come to town. A grown man like me getting lonely... It's embarrassing to admit.
I have my own farm up on the mountain, and I also like observing shadows. It's kind of like my hobby. It might sound weird, but I like seeing how the shadows' positions change at different times and season.
The view from the mountain I live on is beautiful. You should stop by if you ever get a chance! house is about 2,000 meters up...It's a bit of a hike...
When I was little, I got some really bad burns. Ever since then, I've been afraid of fire...But I can't just be frightened for the rest of my life...! So, recently, I've been doing these special training exercises to get used to fire. Now I'd say I'm just scared instead of completely terrified, so that's an improvement, right?



Marama is a resident of Lulukoko who does more advertising for Caolila's store than Caolila herself. She loves fish, but does admit there's more to food than pescatarian dishes. Her name is Polynesian for "moon"[15]. The moon is another sky object Polynesian peoples use to navigate the sea for fishing expeditions[16].
In the Japanese version, Marama is referred to as Magra (マグラ).

Aloha! Good to see you!
Hey there! Having a good day?
Fish are so cute! And tasty...
If you want fish, you're in the right town!
The secret to long life is eating lots of fresh fish! And that's easy to do in this town.
The fish here are really tasty. What kind should I buy today?
There are so many delicious-looking fish here! I'm not sure which one to get!
I can't wait to cook up these fish. Swim into my belly, little fellas!
There's more to this place than just fish. Almost everything's delicious here! Sometimes I buy way too much...
I wanted to buy some fruit to take home with me, but my bag's already too heavy. I'll come back later.



Malana works part-time at Lala Salama, Lulukoko's inn. He's indebted to Tototara for the kind treatment he received when he stayed at the inn while he was younger. His name is of Hawaiian origin meaning "relaxing"[17]. His lines and Japanese name are a reference to the Hawaiian concept of gratitude[18].
In the Japanese version, Malana is referred to as Maharo (マハロ).

I think we're in for another hot day!
You should really stay with us sometime!
Will you be staying at the inn overnight?
It's easier to smile than to frown, you know!
There's never a dull moment around here.
I hope you're having fun!
I used to visit this inn a lot when I was little. When I was a customer, Tototara was always nice to me. I want to pass that on to the customers today.
I did my best to be kind and sincere to the customers today. Hopefully they'll be nice to others in turn.



Manoa is a woman visiting from a distant town beyond the mountains just past Lulukoko. She's often asked to bring back souvenirs for her friends when she goes shopping. Manoa shares her name with the Manoa Valley of Hawaii. It's a region surrounded by mountains near Honolulu[19].
In the Japanese version, Manoa is spelled マノア.

Hello. How are you doing?
Ahh! I love relaxing at the cafe.
Potatoes are a local specialty, you know.
Maaaan, my legs are sore. Time to rest up.
I like the air up in the mountains, but the sea breeze feels good too.
My friends at home always ask me to buy things for them when I come here. I'm going to have quite a lot to haul back!
My village is on the other side of the mountains. Every once in a while I visit this town so I can stock up on supplies.
Whew... I have to hike over a mountain to get here and then again to go back. It's not an easy journey.
I hate to admit it, but traveling over a mountain to get here is rather exhausting. I should rest a bit.
This view of the ocean is nice. We don't see things like this out in the mountains.



Maya is an astronomer studying the position of the stars from Lulukoko. His name and lines are references to the Mayan civilization and culture.
In the Japanese version, Maya is spelled マヤ.

Hello! Fancy meeting you here!
The markings on old ruins are so intriguing.
Have you ever tried drawing hieroglyphs?
I love science. Especially astronomy.
I'm an astronomer. Right now I'm studying the celestial calendar to learn the positions of constellations.
Numerical sequences are fascinating, wouldn't you agree? The day just flies by when I'm thinking about them!
I love sequences and patterns so much that I could just eat them up. In fact, I use a calendar as a placemat.
Is there someplace in this town where I can buy corn? I'd eat it for practically every meal if I could...
Here, take my business card... Huh? You like the drawings? Actually, they're characters called hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are pictographic symbols that are used by some cultures in place of words. They're quite fascinating!
Let's say you hate 1 but love 2. 1 x 1 equals 1, which means you still hate it. But 1 x 2 equals 2, so you'd love it. Then 2 x 2 equals 4, which is double what you love. Thus, if you put two things you love together, your love will multiply. Since I love hieroglyphs, I used them to write a love letter. But the woman I sent it to turned me down entirely. Sadly, if you love a person whose feelings for you are zero, you'll learn the harsh reality that 2 x 0 is still 0. As a lover of numbers and sequences, it was an unequivocal failure.



Mele is a native of Lulukoko. She enjoys fishing, much like the other residents of the town. She'll provide the player some simple tips on fishing and a little bit of farming! Mele is a Hawaiian word for "chant"[20].
In the Japanese version, Mele is spelled メレ.

Hi there! What a day, eh?
The beach is the perfect place for fishing!
When you go fishing, be sure to bring a snack!
Gardening is fun! It's just my hobby though.
Do you like fishing? Depending on where you fish and the time of year, you can catch lots of different things!
Don't forget, different crops grow during different seasons. Farmers should always keep that in mind!



Nadim is a fisherman and long-time work partner of Zahau. He travels between the three towns on fishing business, but gets the biggest hauls from Lulukoko. Nadim is a name of Arabic origin, meaning "friend" and "confidant"[21].
In the Japanese version, Nadim is spelled ナディム.

Aloha, my friend!
The fishing around here is superb!
We've got some choice waves around here too.
Yeah, I know Zahau. He's a great fisherman!
It's gonna be another busy day of fishing!
*yawn* Sorry, I'm a bit tired, ha ha.
I'm one of the best fishermen around these parts! And it looks like my sons are gonna follow in my footsteps, ha ha!
The fish were really jumpin' today! It was the perfect chance to show my two sons how to fish.
I can't wait to tell my wife about all the fish I caught!
I'm headed out for some fishing. You can watch if you want, but don't try muscling in on my territory, yeah?
The waters off this town are just packed with fish.
Zahau and I go back years. He's a heckuva fisherman.



Naru is an athletic swimmer that's obsessed with the ocean. She loves the seafood dishes served in Lulukoko. Naru's name is an alternative spelling of Nauru[22], an island country in Micronesia.
In the Japanese version, Naru is spelled ナル.

Aloha! Looking for me?
I love to play around in the ocean, hee hee.  
You could say I'm the wet-and-wild type.
The sound of the waves is so soothing.
Swimming in the ocean is soooo relaxing! I can't wait to do it again!
Wow, that was soooo fun! I'm totally gonna come here to swim again!
Swimming in the ocean is totally the best! You should try it sometime!
Hey! Do you like the ocean? It's, like, my favorite! And the smell of the ocean breeze is amazing!
Swimming in the ocean is so relaxing! That's why I loooove coming to Lulukoko!
I can't get enough of the ocean. There's fishing, and walking on the beach at sunset...and seafood is totally delish!
I love swimming, but getting sunburned is such a drag! Ultraviolet rays are a girl's worst enemy!



Nazca is an artist living in Lulukoko on a low budget, "starving artist" lifestyle. Nazca's name refers to the Nazca[23]art and architectural culture of Peru.
In the Japanese version, Nazca is referred to as Nasca (ナスカ/ A globally accepted alternate spelling of Nazca).

Hi. You must like art, right?
What should I paint? Maybe a landscape...?
Do you have any info about cheap properties?
Could I draw a picture of your farm someday?
When you look at a town from up above, it looks more like art than a community, don't you think? One day I'd like to draw a picture like that: a massive illustration that covers the world!
I make it a point to use only the finest ingredients when I cook. I mean, you can draw using a cheap pen and paper, but......drawing with quality materials is the best way to bring out your abilities, right? I think cooking is the same. Still, whether it's cooking or drawing, at the end of the day, you need talent to create a masterpiece.
Cooking is art! Of course, it has to be delicious too...But what really matters is how you present your food on the canvas called a plate.
In order to create my massive picture, I'll need some land to draw it on. That settles it! I'm going to buy some land!
Land is really expensive... The money I earn from my art isn't enough, so I'm thinking of taking a part-time job...
At the rate I'm going, I'll probably die of old age before I have enough money to buy any land...I wonder if it'd be easier to just travel until I find some land nobody knows about and create my masterpiece there...



Olmeca is a sculptor and avid cat-lover. Most of his clientele are referrals from Ludus. Olmeca's name is a reference to the Olmec[24] civilization and artistic culture. The Olmecs were known for their giant stone head sculptures.
In the Japanese version, Olmeca is spelled オルメカ.

Don't mind me. I'm not staring, I swear.
Yes, your head is exquisitely shaped.
Are you in the market for any sculptures?
Hmm, you'd make a good model, yes indeed...
Oh, sorry. I tend to stare at the shape of people's heads. It's, um, a sculptor thing. No offense intended!
Yep, I'm a sculptor. The owner of this shop often introduces me to new clients.
I'd heard some new work had come in, but it wasn't at all related to sculpting. I was asked to look for a cat! I mean, I practically worship cats, but come on... I want to sculpt! Now I feel like I've been used...
I sculpt all kinds of things, but mostly I sculpt heads and busts. Right now I'm working on a head bigger than a house!
A client asked me to make a sculpture of his head. But when he saw it, he said the eyes didn't look determined enough! Now I'm making some adjustments to the eyes. But, honestly, his eyes are really droopy...
When I showed my client the sculpture's new eyes, he complained again! "I'm way more handsome than this!" he said. I'd had enough. I took my mallet and smashed the sculpture's face in! I was about to apologize, but he said..."I'm sorry. You're right. It does look like me." Weird, huh? But as long as he's happy with it, I guess I shouldn't worry.



Paani is a relatively minor background character. He compliments your tools and provides subtle hints about tool upgrades when spoken to. His name is Hindi for "water"[25].
In the Japanese version, Paani is spelled パアニ.

Aloha! Isn't Lulukoko great?
There's lots of fun stuff to do around here!
You're looking good, my friend!
Got any ore? You should upgrade your tools.
Nice tools you've got there! You use less stamina when you have good tools, so always go for the good stuff!
When you live in the tropics, winter is so nice! But summer... Ugh. I think I'm gonna melt just thinking about it.



Poliahu is a pleasant homemaker in Lulukoko who enjoys cooking and sharing tips on the utilities in your house. In Hawaiian mythology, Poli'ahu is the name given to one of the four goddesses of snow[26].
In the Japanese version, Poliahu is spelled ポリアフ.

Aloha! Do you enjoy cooking?
I like cooking, but I've got a lot to learn.
How do you know which spices are best?
What should I cook? So many choices...
Do you bathe regularly? Taking a bath recovers your stamina a little, so if you need a boost, you should hop in! ♥
Honestly, I'm not much of a cook. But I've heard you'll get better if you keep trying to cook things. I hope it's true!



Quinn is the store owner of Polepole in Lulukoko. She's very enthusiastic about her sales!
In the Japanese version, Quinn is referred to as Qina (キナ).

Business today has been grrrreat!
Aloha, aloha!
It's always good to see youuuu!
Hey, hey! Let's make a deeeeal!
Today I'm gonna sell, sell, sell! I'm aiming for new sales recoooord!
Ahhh... I didn't set a new sales record today. Next time I'll tryyyy haaaarder!
"Polepole" is a great name for a shop, right? I came up with it myself!



Rey loves all plants and animals exotic. She travels the world looking for rare animals to document and research.
In the Japanese version, Rey is spelled レイ.

Do you know of any really exotic animals?
Man, I'm feeling extra pumped today!
Aloha! Today's a good day, isn't it?!
Taking care of animals is so much fun!
You must like animals too, right?
For someone who loves rare plants and animals like me, this place is great! It's a treasure trove of knowledge!
I travel around looking for rare animals, so I always need to be prepared. Having the right tools and food is essential!
Whenever I'm in the area, I stop by this store to resupply. I'm probably one of their best customers!
I'm always on the lookout for rare and unusual animals. The more exotic, the better!
I'll bet there are lots of undiscovered creatures deep in the jungle or in the sea. It's so exciting to think about!
*sniff-sniff* I can smell something. There must be rare animals nearby.


Special Thanks:
HellaMella - (locating Huayna and Kalea for model appearance confirmation)

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