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This page is about Ludus from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. For other uses, see Ludus (disambiguation).
Ludus's Photo

Japanese Name: ルデゥス (Rudusu)
Birthday: Spring 12
Town: Lulukoko
Residence: Lala Salama Inn (North Lulukoko)
Family: Tototara (Grandmother)
Favorite Gifts: Deep Fried Fish Cakes
Favorite Animals: Parrot, Capybara, Tibetan Mastiff, Chicken, Grey Capybara, Husky

Known as the "jack of all trades" in Lulukoko, Ludus does a little bit of everything. He's loved by the children in town, and he grew up with Iluka and Siluka.[1]

Avatar Gallery[edit]

Everyday Everyday Happy Blushing Angry Sad Concerned

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Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

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  • These schedules are from the official guide.
6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 24:00
Monday-Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Lala Salama North Lulukoko Relacion South Lulukoko Lala Salama North Lulukoko Lala Salama
Thursday and Sunday
(Spring & Fall)
Lala Salama South Lulukoko Carosello North Lulukoko North Lulukoko Lala Salama Lala Salama South Lulukoko Lala Salama
Thursday and Sunday
(Summer & Winter)
Lala Salama North Lulukoko Carosello North Lulukoko South Lulukoko Lala Salama Lala Salama South Lulukoko Lala Salama
Key: Meal Work Free Time Home, Unavailable


Preferred Wrapping Paper: Classy Wrapping Cloth・Cool Wrapping Box・Cool Wrapping Paper・Fruit Fiesta Box

Preference Gift
Favorite Gift Deep Fried Fish Cakes
Loved Gifts Bananas・ Achaar・Banana au Lait・Banana Ice Cream・Banana Soymilk Shake・Lau Lau・Shrimp Chili・Spicy Curry・Spicy Stir-Fried Squid・Thieboudienne・Tom Yum Goong・Wasabi Octopus・ Bamboo・Black Branch・Black Lumber・Blue Quill・Branch・ Cherry Branch・Lumber・Maidenhair Branch・Maple Branch・Pine Branch・Purple Quill・Small Lumber・Twig
Liked Gifts Alpaca Wool・ Alpaca Wool +・ Angora Wool・ Brown Alpaca Wool・ Brown Alpaca Wool +・ Gray Rabbit Fur・ Gray Rabbit Fur +・ Llama Wool・ Llama Wool +・ Rabbit Fur・ Rabbit Fur +・ Suffolk Wool・ Suffolk Wool +・ Wool・ Wool +・ Paradise Rhapsody・ Chili Pepper・ Black Llama Cloth・ Blue Alpaca Cloth・ Blue Angora Cloth・ Blue Cloth・ Blue Cotton Cloth・ Blue Cotton Thread・ Blue Linen Cloth・ Blue Linen Thread・ Blue Suffolk Fabric・ Brown Alpaca Cloth・ Gold Cotton Cloth・ Gold Cotton Thread・ Gold Linen Cloth・ Gold Llama Cloth・ Good Black Llama Cloth・ Good Blue Alpaca Cloth・ Good Blue Angora Cloth・ Good Blue Cloth・ Good Blue Suffolk Cloth・ Good Brown Alpaca Cloth・ Good Gold Angora Cloth・ Good Gold Cloth・ Good Gold Suffolk Cloth・ Good Green Angora Cloth・ Good Green Alpaca Cloth・ Good Green Cloth・ Good Green Cotton Cloth・ Good Green Suffolk Fabric・ Good Silver Angora Cloth・ Good Silver Cloth・ Good Silver Llama Cloth・ Good Silver Suffolk Cloth・ Green Alpaca Cloth・ Green Angora Cloth・ Green Cloth・ Green Cotton Cloth・ Green Cotton Thread・ Green Linen Cloth・ Green Linen Thread・ Green Suffolk Fabric・ Silver Angora Cloth・ Silver Cotton Cloth・ Silver Cotton Thread・ Silver Linen Cloth・ Silver Linen Thread・ Silver Llama Cloth・ Silver Suffolk Fabric
Dishes: Ankopan・ Baked Sweet Potato・ Bibimbap・ Biryani・ Chirashi Sushi・ Chop Suey・ Coconut Curry・ Curry Rice・ Curry Salad・ Doria・ Dry Curry・ Eggs Benedict・ Fish Pie・ Gratin・ Grouper Stew・ Gumbo・ Gyoza・ Kakinoha-Zushi・ Keiji Salmon Stew・ Kimchi・ Lontong・ Marlin Steak・ Miso Soup・ Monkfish Stew・ Moqueca・ Naan Bread・ New Year's Dish・ Octopus Kelaguen・ Oden・ Okonomiyaki・ Omelet Rice・ Onion Rice・ Oshinko Roll・ Pescatore・ Pizza・ Puffer Stew・ Red King Crab Stew・ Risotto・ Saimin Noodles・ Sashimi・ Spaghetti Aglio e Olio・ Spring Salad・ Stir-Fried Udon・ Supreme Soup・ Tempura・ Tofu Skin・ Tropical Sandwich・ Ultimate Soup・ White Rice・ Alligator Gar・ Arowana・ Catfish・ Eel・ Ito・ Koi・ Mitten Crab・ Soft Shell Turtle・ Young Salmon・ Banana Jam・ Spice・ Little Adventure・ Cucumbersaduke・ Eggplantshibaduke・ Kabusemaiduke・ Kimchi・ Pickled Plum・ Pickles・ Takuan・ Bait・ Black Rock・ Black Stone・ Bucket・ Coin・ Fish Food・ Fish Trap・ Green Quill・ King Bait・ Magic Bait・ Old Coin・ Orange Quill・ Red Quill・ Refined Bait・ Rock・ Shiny Coin・ Stone・ Yellow Quill・ Banana Wine
Neutral Gifts All gifts not listed here are neutral.
Disliked Gifts
Hated Gifts
Horror Gift Sea Urchin



Ludus CG [2]


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