Lovett's House: Gourmet Palace (Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town)

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Gourmet Palace
Gourmet Palace
Japanese Name: ダイスキーの家『美食の殿堂』
Residents: Lovett

The Gourmet Palace is where the food critic Lovett lives. Check the notebook inside to find Lovett's dish requests, and return to the notebook to deliver the requested dishes and receive rewards. Requests have a level, and when you have delivered all of the dishes of that level, you will move on to the next level. The higher the level of the request, the higher the quality of the items you will receive as a reward.

Gourmet Palace Image Here

Gourmet Requests[edit]

For information on how to make each dish, see the Cooking page.

Level 1[edit]

Image Request Details Dish to Deliver Required
Vegetable salad... What better way is there to get my daily serving of greens? I ask you, my protégé: prepare a serving for me! Vegetable Salad Any Quality
  • Mixed Herbs x3
  • Mixed Spices x3
A warm bowl of shellfish soup is the cure for what ails me, dear protégé! Might you be up for the challange? Shellfish Soup Any Quality
  • Turnip (☆2) x3
  • Potato (☆2) x3
  • Cucumber (☆2) x3
I desire a taste of simplicity, and for that, naught but a fried egg shall do. Fire up your frying pan and get cracking! Fried Egg Any Quality
  • Rice (☆2) x3
  • Wheat (☆2) x3
  • Beans (☆2) x3
I recently had a dream about a plate of talking curry rice! I've been craving its spicy embrace on my taste buds ever since... Prepare a serving for me, will you? Curry Rice Any Quality
  • Rock Salt x3
  • Peppercorn x3
  • Sugarcane x3
Mala crayfish... They are small, yet their poignant spices stir a fire in my bon vivant heart! I simply must have a plate of them! Mala Crayfish Any Quality
  • Coffee Powder (☆2) x3
  • Cocoa Powder (☆2) x3
  • Flour (☆2) x3
Some chilly nights, you crave the company of a warm blanket. On others, you crave a soothing bowl of Oshiruko.
I desire the latter, if you please.
Oshiruko Any Quality
  • Powder Maker x1

Level 2[edit]

Image Request Details Dish to Deliver Required
I long for the acidic bite of a mixed salad... Bring me one around quality level 2 or higher, and I shall be satisfied. Mixed Salad ☆2 or higher
  • Seasoning Maker x1
  • Condiment Maker x1
Hot & sour soup is the perfect remedy for any cold. While I am not currently ailing, a bowl of hot & sour soup calls to me... Quality level 2 or higher, of course. Hot & Sour Soup ☆2 or higher
  • Small Fish Bait x5
  • Medium Fish Bait x5
  • Squid Bait x5
  • Shrimp Bait x5
  • Crab Bait x5
Tempura is truly a culinary marvel: fried in batter, yet light and airy. I desire a sampling of some tempura at quality level 2 or higher. Tempura ☆2 or higher
  • Yogurt Maker x1
It is said that kitsune udon was named for foxes who loved the bean curds that garnish this dish. I'd LOVETT if you brought some at quality level 2 or higher. Kitsune Udon ☆2 or higher
  • Shiitake Mushroom (☆4) x3
  • Shimeji Mushroom (☆4) x3
  • Trumpet Mushroom (☆4) x3
Coffee is called many names by many people: "java" and "joe" and whatnot. What do you call it, dear protégé? Serve me up a cup that's quality level 2 or higher. Coffee ☆2 or higher
  • Cherry (☆4) x3
  • Cacao (☆4) x3
  • Almond (☆4) x3
Mix a dollop of honey with a cup of yogurt and what do you get? Luxury, I say! Serve me up a cup of honey yogurt that's quality level 2 or higher, please. Honey Yogurt ☆2 or higher
  • Tomato (☆4) x3
  • Pepper (☆4) x3
  • Eggplant (☆4) x3

Level 3[edit]

Image Request Details Dish to Deliver Required
Small fish marinade never ceases to amaze me... That dish is a pure punch of pescatarian pungency! I crave this delicacy at quality level 4 or higher. Small Fish Marinade ☆4 or higher
  • Oregano x10
  • Sage x10
  • Lemon Marigold x10
  • Golden Rain Rosemary x10
  • Powder Maker x1
Soups are often served warm, but such is not always the case in haute cuisine, dear protégé! Bring me a bowl of cold soup at quality level 4 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Gazpacho
  • Sour Cherry Soup
☆4 or higher
  • Coffee Bean (☆6) x3
  • Olive (☆6) x3
  • Apple (☆6) x3
From time to time I yearn for the classics: dishes that are simple, yet timeless... This time, I crave some Neapolitan Pasta of quality level 4 or higher. Neapolitan Pasta ☆4 or higher
  • Salt x3
  • Pepper x3
  • Sugar x3
  • Soy Sauce x3
  • Vinegar x3
When I was a lad, I loved indulging in sweet entrées... Today, my inner child craves such delights once more. I desire a sweet entrée of quality 4 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Vegetable Sandwich
  • Unaju
  • Kitsune Udon
  • Chestnut Rice
  • Boiled Fish
  • Jam Sandwich
  • French Toast
  • Boiled Sweet Potatoes
  • Quiche
  • Calçots
  • Tortilla Soup
☆4 or higher
  • Jam Maker x1
  • Spore Maker x1
  • Honey Maker x1
Here's a culinary quiz to keep you on your toes! What entrée is white in color and mellow in flavor? Serve me your answer at quality level 4 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Egg Sandwich
  • Jam Sandwich
  • Tuna Sandwich
  • Cream Sauce Pasta
  • Gratin
  • Carbonara
  • Mushroom Pie
  • Stew
  • Tom Yum Pla
  • Seafood Pilaf Platter
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Giant Seafood Pizza
  • Hot Pot
☆4 or higher
  • Spinach (☆6) x3
  • Carrot (☆6) x3
  • Okra (☆6) x3
Digging into a warm dessert is an experience like no other—truly the pinnacle of decadence! Serve me one such dessert at quality level 4 or higher!
Any one of the following:
  • Oshiruko
  • Pancakes
  • Baked Apple
☆4 or higher
  • Rose (☆6) x3
  • Mum (☆6) x3
  • Clematis (☆6) x3
I crave a colorful curry like no other, which can only mean one thing: ethnic curry is on the menu! Get cooking, and remember: quality level 4 or higher. Ethnic Curry ☆4 or higher
  • Radish (☆6) x3
  • Tea Leaves (☆6) x3
Did you know? "Chai" means "tea," so if you refer to it as "chai tea," you are calling it "tea tea"! Bring me a cup of this tea among teas at quality level 4 or higher! Chai ☆4 or higher
  • Olive Oil x5
  • Mixed Herbs x5
  • Mixed Spices x5
  • Seasoning Maker x1
  • Condiment Maker x1

Level 4[edit]

Image Request Details Dish to Deliver Required
The time has come for me to test your mastery over flavor: you must serve me a salad of quality level 6 or higher that is salty, spicy, and sour.
Any one of the following:
  • Yum Woon Sen
  • Spinach Salad
☆6 or higher
  • Honey (☆7) x3
  • Comb Honey (☆7) x3
  • Worker Jelly (☆7) x3
My mother used to make me onion soup on cold days... You're not her, but one bowl at quality level 6 or higher should satisfy my craving for home. Onion Soup ☆6 or higher
  • Daikon Radish (☆7) x3
  • Burdock (☆7) x3
  • Broccoli (☆7) x3
Every so often I desire something breaded and fried, as any bon vivant should. Bring me a fried tuna cutlet at quality level 6 or higher. Fried Tuna Cutlet ☆6 or higher
  • Milk (☆7) x3
  • Buffalo Milk (☆7) x3
  • Goat Milk (☆7) x3
  • Egg (☆7) x3
  • Silkie Egg (☆7) x3
Few fungi are prized more than the mighty matsutake. Prepare for me a bowl of matsutake rice at quality level 6 or higher, dear protégé! Matsutake Rice ☆6 or higher
  • Cineraria (☆7) x3
  • Primrose (☆7) x3
  • Begonia (☆7) x3
Have you ever sampled an entrée that is searingly spicy, yet irresistibly mellow? I'd like to see if you can cook me one at quality level 6 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Boo Paht Pong Karee
  • Tom Yum Pla
☆6 or higher
  • Cheese Maker x1
  • Butter Maker x1
  • Yogurt Maker x1
  • Mayonnaise Maker x1
Yet another culinary riddle approaches! What sort of dessert is black, sweet, and cold? Serve me a helping of your answer at quality level 6 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Mont Blanc
  • Coffee Pudding
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Sachertorte
  • Tiramisu
  • Brownies
  • Lamington
☆6 or higher
  • Royal Fern x10
  • Butterbur x10
  • Horsetail x10
  • Chestnut x10
  • Bamboo Shoot x10
Mushroom marinade is an underrated dish, if you ask me, and our fearless fungi deserve time to shine. Serve me a plate of it at quality level 8 or higher. Mushroom Marinade ☆8 or higher
  • Shiitake Mushroom (☆7) x3
  • Shimeji Mushroom (☆7) x3
  • Trumpet Mushroom (☆7) x3
  • Coral Mushroom (☆7) x3
  • Common Mushroom (☆7) x3
Fish and tomatoes are an unlikely pair, but in acqua pazza, the marriage of flavors is a match made in heaven! May I have some at quality level 8 or higher? Acqua Pazza ☆8 or higher
  • Large Fish Bait x5
  • Guardian Bait x5
  • Mysterious Bait x5
I seek an entrée that is salty, mellow, white, and yellow—good gravy! I'm a poet, and I didn't even know I was rhyming those words! (Quality level 8 or higher.)
Any one of the following:
  • Cream Sauce Pasta
  • Gratin
  • Carbonara
  • Mushroom Pie
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Giant Seafood Pizza
☆8 or higher
  • Bronze Town Medal x10
  • Silver Town Medal x10
  • Gold Town Medal x10
These days, the younger folks implore me to "stay hydrated," so I must seek a beverage to do so! Bring me a white, sweet, and ice-cold juice at quality level 8 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Yogurt Drink
  • Coconut Juice
☆8 or higher
  • Moondrop Flower x20
  • Pink Cat Flower x20
  • Magic Blue Flower x20
  • Magic Red Flower x20

Level 5[edit]

Image Request Details Dish to Deliver Required
You've proven your prowess, and it is time we put your skills to a real test. We'll start with some rosolli: bring me a serving at quality level 10 or higher. Rosolli ☆10 or higher
  • Onion (☆8) x3
  • Green Pepper (☆8) x3
  • Sweet Potato (☆8) x3
  • Broccoli (☆8) x3
Your are ready for my most difficult riddles, so here is one: what soup glows with bright pink hues? I want a serving of your answer at quality level 10 or higher. Sour Cherry Soup ☆10 or higher
  • Matsutake Mushroom (☆8) x3
Cheese is a wonderful addition to any meal, but one can make it the main event just as easily! Bring me a cheesy, dippable entrée at quality 10 or higher. Cheese Fondue ☆10 or higher
  • Buttercup (☆8) x3
  • Sunflower (☆8) x3
  • Daisy (☆8) x3
  • Campanula (☆8) x3
I'm sure your parents used to tell you to get your greens. I, on the other hand, request that you COOK them! Bring me some Genovese pasta at quality level 10 or higher. Genovese Pasta ☆10 or higher
  • Royal Jelly (☆8) x3
Many will tell you that it is wise to blow on your food to cool it, but some dishes must be eaten piping hot. Bring me one such entrée at quality level 10 or higher.
Any one of the following:
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Kimchi Hot Pot
  • Hot Pot
☆10 or higher
  • Milk + (☆8) x3
  • Buffalo Milk + (☆8) x3
  • Goat Milk + (☆8) x3
  • Egg + (☆8) x3
  • Silkie Egg (☆8) x3
This is where things "get real," dear protégé! Let us subvert expectations and begin with dessert. Serve me your finest top-quality panna cotta! Panna Cotta Top Quality
  • Giant Jam Maker x1
Concocting kimchi may sound simple, but it is akin to art. If you truly are my protégé, I'm sure you know how to craft top-quality kimchi. ...Well? I'm waiting! Kimchi Top Quality
  • Giant Mayonnaise Maker x1
"Warm, sour, yellow soup" may sound unappetizing to the untrained chef, but you are no such thing. Bring me such a soup at top-quality, if you would. Lemon Soup Top Quality
  • Giant Condiment Maker x1
Any neophyte can throw fish on a grill, but a connoisseur of cooking knows that grilled fish is far more complex. Fire up your skillet and serve one at top-quality. Grilled Fish Top Quality
  • Giant Powder Maker x1
I desire an entrée whose colors evoke balance: one that is black and white, yin and yang, light and dark...and it must be top quality of course. Tom Yum Pla Top Quality
  • Giant Cheese Maker x1
Here is one last riddle for you, since I know you love them: what entrée is sweet, sour, AND spicy. I'd like a top-quality serving of your answer, as usual. Tortilla Soup Top Quality
  • Giant Butter Maker x1
All of this fine cuisine is at my disposal, and I've not a drop to drink! Would you do me one more favor, dear protégé, and mix me a glass of top quality fruit au lait? Fruit au Lait Top Quality
  • Springtime March x1
  • Blazing Waltz x1
  • Moonlight Nocturne x1
  • Winter Bloom Rondo x1

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