Louis' Tool Shop (Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland)

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Located up the hill outside of the protagonist's farm, next to Lyla's Flower Shop and close to Brownie Farm. Louis is in charge, and sells various tools and event items. Open all week excluding Wednesdays and Saturdays, open from 10:00 to 18:00.

For Sale[edit]

Item Price Description
Brush 300G "Use it to brush your horses and cows. They love it."
Milker 1,800G "Use it to milk your adult cows. Press the 'Square' button to use it."
AP Medicine 1,000G "Removes fatigue, but don't always depend on it."
S. Sickle 4,500G "3 times more powerful than a normal sickle."

Sell To Them[edit]

Item Price
Moon Stone 100G
Rare Metal 180G
Iron Ore 60G
Copper Ore 40G
Pontata Root 80G
Medicinal Herb 30G
Milk S 150G
Milk M 200G
Milk L 300G
Milk G 400G