Livestock Store (Harvest Moon: SNES)

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The Livestock Store is one of the stores at the far bottom of the town map. You can purchase livestock from Ellen's Uncle during the week.


Ellen's Uncle lives here.


  • Weekday: 7:00am - 5:00pm
  • Weekend & holiday: closed

Items For Sale[edit]

Objects Dialogue[edit]

Interact With Line Speaker
Oven "Hey, don't touch it without permission!" Ellen's Uncle

Livestock Note[edit]

*Note: All spelling errors are made in game, not by the compiler.

Select Line
Cows Cows on sale are young ones that can't milk. Takes 21 days to grow large enough for milking. The key is to keep them away from sickness: Don't forget to feed. Don't let them out when it rains, lightening, hurricane. Nothing works when they get wet in the morning. They don't produce milk for a while when they get sick or are in a bad mood.
Chickens Chickens lay one egg a day. It doesn't lay eggs for 3 days when you forget to feed or it gets wet in the rain. They could be blown away when you let them outside during hurricane. Possibly to be eaten by wild dogs.
Milk Equip the milker and point Y button to a cow for milk. Only once a day. Cow's affection rate increases when being brushed or talked to. Cows you devote your affection to can produce middle-sized and large-sized milk.
Eggs Eggs become chicks in 3 days when you incubate them. No feed is necessary for chicks. Chicks grow to chickens in 7 days. If you increase the amount of chickens, the feed will run out so be careful
Grass Cows eat well grown grass. When the grass is young, it's like not feeding, so be careful. Cut grass makes fodder. It's feed in rainy days and winter. Don't run out of it.